Thoughts on the first (?) Single player DLC..... SPOLERS

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So I haven't fully finished the the DLC just yet i just hit the "loop" for the first time.

Have to admit i was a little shocked at the LUCY revelations did i miss something before or was this the first time we got told 100% for sure about her?

Any other thoughts about the DLC ? seems kinda worth the money if you didnt hate those first person puzzle bits but say i havnt finished yet so will have to see

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Is it a lot of first person puzzling? I did not hate it, but I can't say that I wan't to pay for dlc filled with more or less only that.

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@SilenceUK: is there any more revelations in the dlc, use the spoiler tags, im wondering it this will be worth picking up, i dont mind the first person puzzling
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The real revelation was about Lucy turns out she was working for the Templars all along which is probably why Desmond was made to kill her

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so this dlc really should have been in the fucking game, omg 
this really solidifies the desmond part in revelations and it would have made fans a WHOLE lot more happy with the piece of the future story they gave you in revelations,  like ryan would have probably liked this game more if this was in it, 
heres a playthrough of the dlc  

  i hope this doesnt become a trend or its an easy early contender for the "check yourself before you wreck yourself award"
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In my opinion, unless you really enjoyed the first person puzzling in the game just watch a walk through for the story bits.

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Whoever thought these "puzzles" were a good idea should be murdered. Whoever thought selling them was a good idea should be double murdered.

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so this dlc really should have been in the fucking game, omg

This DLC was just recently released, so it's not like it would have been ready for the retail release last year. I can understand them wanting to wait for this bit though because it really is more of a joining piece between AC:R and AC3. It is dated as October 10, 2012 at the beginning of the DLC and I'm assuming that AC3 will take place October 30th since they are usually set in exact modern times.

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