Trying to get the all MP modes played achievement

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But no one is playing Escort AT ALL. 
Come on Ubisoft, naming a MP mode "Escort" is NOT the way to attract players. It sucks big time because when I can't find a match for Escort, I am forced into waiting until they set me up with another mode and until the game actually starts to quit and try again. So stupid.
Anyone who's online right now wanna come try to start one with me?? I'm on 360, it's a free gold weekend.

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That was awkward. I reached over to turn on my 360 to do this, then I remembered I don't have this game yet...

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@PeasantAbuse: Happens to the best of us.
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@xyzygy: can't you do it in private matches?

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@Vinny_Says: No one in my friends list has the game.

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