Wait... so Hans Zimmer's doing the soundtrack to this?

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That's awesome, and to me personally, it's not really a surprise. When I first thought of Assassin's Creed back in 07, I thought of Gladiator. Anyways, what's happening? Where'd Jesper Kyd go? Are they working together? Or is this relatively new news to everyone else? 

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I think they should have just got Lisa Gerrard to do the vocals for the theme.

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Nolan North.

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Hans Zimmer usually has one or two really good tracks per soundtrack and the rest are kind of meh.

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Hans Zimmer is amazing. My favourite composer alongside Harry Gregson-Williams.

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Yeah, Zimmer's shit  is sick.

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@Mr_Skeleton: I can kind of agree with that, and since he's so prominent a movie composer, it seems like they utilize him in everything you'd expect now but I think he is one of the best film composers, and it's fantastic he's doing games a bit more now.
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Zimmer's partner, Lorne Balfe is only doing the main theme, Kyd is doing the rest of the score.

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Thankful Kyd didn't get let go. ACII and Brotherhood soundtracks are amazing work.

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