Assasins Creed 2/3 Theories and Plot Ideas *spoilers*

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Personally, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the plot of AC3 is going to involve.
 I've heard tons of theories about where it will take place, and when, and in my opinion the most logical course for the next game is for it to take place across multiple locations in the past. People seem to think it's been building up to some kind of current day setting, but I really don't think thats how it's gonna go down. They didn't haul the animus with them at the end of the second game just let it collect dust.  Yea, Desmond has learned all kinds of kick ass skills thanks to the bleeding effect, but how would the game designers incorporate all the perils of modern society like guns, 50 story buildings, all kinds of alarms and security, into the same Assasins Creed formula. Do the eagle dives into dumpsters? Just snipe all your targets? Personally, I really have no evidence to support any guesses I make, but I think you'll be going back to multiple time periods to solve the mystery of the upcoming solar flare, maybe even get to meet someone like Subject 16 whose related to Adam and Eve and go back to the very beggining. It's all I've really got, and its pretty obvious the plot will involve that somehow, but anyone got any other ideas?
And The Truth video kind of threw me off a little. The perspective watching Adam and Eve run is a third person, who could it be? Some people have said it's minerva, others have said the being seen holding an apple controlling human workers about 45 seconds into video, as Adam and Eve climb the building, is minerva. Also, their skin looks molded and electronic, could they be wearing some kind of suits? And what happened after they hit the roof, they didn't get captured? I've heard some stuff about a solar flare (like the one foreshadowed in AC2) killing mass numbers of humans and Those Who Came Before, resulting in peace before a war that humans won? What happened to all the technology and such?
I really only have my own theories, and even then their random, so just throwin the questions out there to see what other people have come up with, maybe learn something, what does the GB community think? Where will the next game take place, whats the plot going to be like? What was up with The Truth video, what happened to Adam and Eve, the solar flare? Feel free to share any info or theories.

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Probably best to post to the AC forums

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