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Via a very recent Joystiq article, I stumbled upon the new Assassin's Creed teaser website. In the article, an official Ubisoft site is detailed, calling on fans to reveal the next AC game via Twitter hashtagging, Facebook, or spamming friends with emails. A quick look at the site shows a status bar (we're 97% away from liking and tweeting enough to reveal the new game) and a teaser video which seemingly gives no insight. However, a closer look past the shadowy scenery shows the series' trademark "glitches," including one that occurs twice in the (looped) 10 second video. The glitch reveals Arabic writing. Thanks to Real Player, I was able to download the video and pause it for a perfect, clear shot of the Arabic writing. Not being an Arabic speaker myself, I tried to translate it with the virtual keyboard on Google Translate. I came up with "The extent of the NBA Ria Lacquer". Obviously not correct. So, I call upon you, GiantBombers, head over to that website and reveal AC 3 the easy way, OR, enlist some of your Arabic friends to decode the glitch. Here's a picture, I hope whatever it reads sheds some light on the next entry in the Assassin's Creed franchise.

EDIT: Two other videos have become available at 50 and 75% on the Spread The Word campaign on Facebook. One features the Phaistos Disk, found on the Greek isle of Crete (irl), and the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople.
Site: (definitely legit)

 First glitch. Most likely does not mean 'The extent of NBA Ria Lacquer,' which is what my translation was.

 The second glitch. To my American eyes, the writing is the same in both.
I appreciate the help. Hopefully we don't have to wait for 97% of whatever Ubi's like/tweet/email target is, if we can decipher this. As Ezio says, "Grazie, amici mio."
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the easy way is always the best way

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Your article link is incorrect, can't wait to hear more about the new game.

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And here we go

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@Chabbs0: Oops. Edited. Fixed. Here you go, anyway.
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I always knew taking Spanish in high school would lead to regret.

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Okay, reading right to left, everything up to the S character with the symbol above the tail translates to 'Welcomed the news of a Revelation'. Although I'm not sure about the first part, the fact that "Revelation" is part of the message lends creedence to the leaked AC: Revelations facebook page. Awesome.

EDIT: Okay, I took some liberties with character spacing, and the earthshatteringly awesome (or horrible) result is… "Welcomed the news of a Revelation of Altaïr."
Parts of that undeniably have to be right. HOWEVER, Altair is Arabic for "Eagle" (so why didn't it translate to eagle...?), and similarly, Ezio is Italian for Eagle. Could this reference America's Bald Eagle and point to the American Revolution/the USA as the new setting, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER DON'T COME CRYING TO ME I TOLD YOU IT WAS A SPOILER as Leonardo's coordinates did in the Pythagorean Cave at the end of Brotherhood?  Google that spoiler for more info on it.
So much speculation. I still could use help from an actual Arabic speaker.
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Final post from me. Three different PM's, three different translations. One non-Arab says it read Altair Ibn La Ahad, translating to "I'm not an eagle." However, the Altair could not be intended to be translated, giving us "I'm not Altair." Another non-Arab claims it reads "Altair, son of no one." A true Arab says that though the message is misspelled, citing Ubisoft's tradition of not researching foreign languages (e.g. Ezio's incorrect spelling of ''Nothing is true, everything is permitted.") He claims that the message reads, or should read, "Daha alnaby rutala," meaning "The prophet sacrifices the frames." It makes less sense than the others, but I tend to side with the native. 

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I'm from Pakistan, so Arabic isn't my native language but because my home language[Urdu] is so very similar to Arabic, I make it out to be "Altair Ibn La Ahad", which was Altair's full name in Assassin's Creed 1. Altair Ibn La Ahad - Altair, Son of None. It's also flpped. You have to read it from left to right. Like I previously stated, while I can make out what is written, I can't actually understand the meaning of the words. So, I can't really say if it means something when read the right way [right to left].

Me personally, I think it's just Altair Ibn La Ahad essentially spelled backwards.

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Im happy to be going back to the middle east, since italy has kind of run its course now, though this is most likely not AC3

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This sounds like a spinoff...and if it isn't, I am severely disappointed that we aren't getting a new location.

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@MustachedPagoda said:
" This sounds like a spinoff...and if it isn't, I am severely disappointed that we aren't getting a new location. "
The lack of a numerical name makes that seem very likely. 
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@Twitchey: We were at 76% four hours ago, Ubi's AC creative director said on Twitter the reveal is going to happen today. Get excited.
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The setting of the first game was a lot more interesting, will be glad if they are going back. Just hope they expand on Altair a lot more.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I can pretty much confidently say we're going on another adventure with Ezio. The signs point to Eastern Mediterranean Europe (Greece, Turkey) and despite the Arabic and Altair hints, the newest tease, which was recently unlocked when the hype meter hit 75% (not a joke) gives the date 24/06/1459, which for us Americans is June 24th, 1459. This also happens to be the date of Ezio Auditore's birth. Unless Ubisoft is giving us a serial summation, I think it's safe to say this is another Ezio game. It seems less like a spin-off, because Ubi's CEO claimed "...the next Assassin's game is going to be big." So it's probably coming to consoles. Anyways, just an update to weigh in upon.

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Teaser 3

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Well, it's not Assassin's Creed III, but it is another console entry starring Ezio and taking us to Constantinople. Check it out on GB's main page today.

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