How have games been on PS3

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How have the games been on PS3 as my 360 red ringed and I was going to get it on PS3 as I dont know when it will be out on PC.

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They've been pretty good, obviously PC version looks and runs better but I've had to issues with the PS3 version. PS3 version of ACIII also gets 4 extra missions about Benedict Arnold, Brotherhood had the same thing with Copernicus.

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They've been alright. I will say that they generally have more screen tearing for sure. The framerate is usually the same, but I remember AC2 looking and running better on the 360. They have been pretty much equal since then though.

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Some publishers games look like poop compared to the 360 version like Bethesda and Activision. Others like EA & Ubi look the same.

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@Time_Lord: Most games play fine on PS3, there are a few games that play better on PS3 but there are some games that play better on 360.

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They've been touting AC3 is going to have '60 minutes added gameplay' on the PS3 as well, so might be worth it for that.

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