Something kind of big maybe?

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So I'm not sure if this has been talked about much, but in AC Revelations when you're playing the Altair sections

he uses the hidden gun that is invented by DaVinci.

That seems like kind of a big deal, right? Seems to suggest certain things about what one of the apples is able to do. Or did I miss something?

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The answer to all questions is, bitches be crazy.

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Haven't played it, but that sounds like a fuck-up

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@hollitz: Da Vinci decodes some old scrolls left by Altair who originally "invented" it after seeing something similar on his travels (which he is returning from in that memory).

Not a mistake, just not made super clear if you don't read a bunch of the codex stuff.

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Altair learnt to make the +++++ from the apple, and Da Vinci learnt to make it from the codex written by altair

sorry dont know how to use the spoiler thing

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Ahh, thanks for the clarifications.

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