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#1 Posted by Alphazero (1645 posts) -

I know I'm a giant tool for flag hunting, but I loved the Assassins Creed world just that much.

I did use assassinscreed-maps, which many would consider cheating.

Had to play through twice. Anyone else? How many play throughs?

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#2 Posted by Thrawn1 (1417 posts) -

after playing it through once, it was hard to get back into it. hopefully the second one will be in a much different setting. i don't think i can stand listening to those fanatical sermons all over again.

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#3 Posted by PureRok (4271 posts) -

I think the second game will most likely take place in the present (in the game). I haven't gotten a 1000 yet, and I'm on my second play through because I missed some of the chatting with what's-her-face.

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#4 Posted by Ice_Cold_Rayman (227 posts) -

Count me as one of the sad sacks that got 1000/1000 on this game. I liked the game, and by the time I finished the main story, I realized I was pretty close in most of the flag collections/Templars, so I checked out the maps and got them all.

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#5 Posted by Tordah (2584 posts) -

What's the reward for collecting all the flags/killing all templars? If anything?

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#6 Edited by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

Lol don't worry flag hunting was the only thing I enjoyed about AC seriously.  Gah that game was lame.

No 1000/1000 because I only rented it and I even regretted that.

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#7 Posted by toxicEnchiliada (354 posts) -

I hate nothing more than collecting achievements

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