Assassin's Creed Symbolism (Must Read)

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This is going to reveal the end of the first Assassin's Creed. Spoiler alert.
But still, please watch this video and tell me what you think. I've been thinking about it and freaking out for the past couple hours. Haha.
Please, just give me your thoughts on it. Watch the whole thing. Its worth it completely.
And if thats interesting, watch this.
Maybe search youtube for "ILLUMINATI BOHEMIAN GROVE" after you see that.
Seems to be the truth. All of this is giving me a headache. Please comment and tell me what you think.

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i remember freaking out about all the symbolism stuff when i finished the game when it came out, i just couldnt stop reading peoples theories, looking back at the game i think the story was meh, but at the same time i spent days reading this stuff, maybe i need to go back and see if i just forgot the awesome parts of the story...

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Watch the entire video. The second half isn't even about Assassin's creed.
I literally have a headache now.

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@InhumanAchievement: some of the writing in the wall is in hebrew, if you want I will happily translate them. 
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These are... interesting.



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@Mordukai: That would be great. I would really appreciate it.
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The first video says that "Assassins Creed is a warning sign to all who are brave enough to stand up for what is right," I call bullshit. You mean to tell me that a group of developers, who are working for Ubisoft, a large publicly held French company (the third largest video game publisher in Europe and seventh largest in the United States) somehow are trying to warm us about "the man," and aren't just trying to make a video game.

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@ParanoidFreak: Those are the two I lined to in the first post. Thanks for the embed.
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That... Didn't have much at all to do with Assassin's Creed.

Oh sure, I'm sure the plot will very likely deal at least in some small way with stuff like 2012 and perhaps the Illuminati... But the rest of that video is a plug for the same kind of nonsense spouted in Zeitgeist (which the video even references).

For a pretty easy rebuttal to the idea that the Ubisoft team behind the game follows this zeitgeist way of thinking, remember that even at the start of the Assassin's Creed game, there is a message that lets you know that people from many different religions worked on the game. Christians, Muslims, etc. This was, of course, they're way of avoiding some controversy considering the game's subject matter.

However, the fact remains: religious people worked on this game. They would not, therefore, be so quick to spread a "secret message" that involves - in part - the idea that all world religions are a smokescreen and tools to gain total control.

Besides that, the part of the Zeitgeist movie(s) that deals with religion has been by far the easiest to debunk ever since the film was released. No one who does even a little research buys into the ideas spouted there. One of the biggest mistakes the film makes is trying to make comparisons (without providing sources) of Jesus to other mythological figures... Except the details they tried to say were "exactly the same" were just flat out wrong. I caught that pretty quickly and I've only studied a moderate amount of mythology.

What I DO know of mythology, though, is part of what made these hidden messages and symbols at the end of Assassin's Creed so cool for me. Familiar with the Mayan religion and prophecies, I was quick to pick up the reference to 2012 and that sort of thing. The end of Assassin's Creed made me really excited to play the next games, to see where all of this crazy plot would take us. Indeed, I'm more interested in that - all the "modern day" stuff with Desmond and whatnot - than I am about the new historical setting.

But this video you've linked to? I'm very disappointed in it.

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@ZombiePie: I think so. They probably passed it off as just a little interesting add on, but purposely put more behind it.
And I still have that horrible headache.
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@Sargus: I watched this a couple hours ago. You and everybody else should check it out.
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@InhumanAchievement:  Yeah, they were hinting about a sequel which would go into further detail about ASSASSIN CREEDS universe, and not ours. It's just some crazy shit that the developers put at the end to redeem that terrible ending and try and excite users for the next installment.

On that headache smoke some cigarettes, it's the only way to humanely commit suicide.
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Meh. Apart from the mumbo jumbo, the first video lost me straight away with 'Clubbed To Death'. I'm so sick of that tune being used in montage videos that are supposed to have some gravitas (and YouTube has certainly helped this proliferation). Anyways, I preferred that drumbeat in DJ Shadow's 'What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)'.

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@ZombiePie: Thanks for the suggestion... But no thanks.
Oh yeah... Heard about George Bush signing the agreement for the Canadian and Mexican borders to disappear in... 2012 I think?
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@ZombiePie: Care to reply to my last post?
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@InhumanAchievement: The Hebrew on the wall of the bed room translate to "The next world" or 'The world to come". is it often used as analogous to Heaven. 
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@InhumanAchievement: Stuff like the borders disappearing, the "Amero"... That's all been proven to be hogwash.

And yes, I've seen tons and tons of stuff about the VeriChip (and technology like it). I study religion (particularly Christianity) a lot, and so a lot of people have tried to turn my attention toward it. The most interesting aspect of it is the fact that it could go in the hand or forehead (as Revelation references), but that's about it. The Bible is pretty explicit on the fact that the Mark of the Beast would be REQUIRED to buy, sell, or trade. That kind of movement isn't even being talked about yet, and it's extremely unlikely that such a thing would be drawn up, approved, and put into action by 2012 - I mean, look, we're halfway through 2009 already.

People have worried about Hitler, Clinton, Bush... Javiar Solana has also been a big target as "anti-Christ material". In fact, just about anyone in power has been accused of such a thing at one point or another, and there have always been fears and conspiracies. Stuff like the VeriChip is interesting, no doubt, but after a lot of study and research I have found absolutely no reason to panic.
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Oh, the "mark of the beast" chip....  Bah.

I'm a Christian, and I seriously doubt that this little chip is the mark of the beast.  It's very likely that this chip exists, but half of the things people say about it are pure crap.  "It's gonna be on the right hand or forehead!  Each chip's serial number is going to start with  666!"  Seriously?  What government in the right mind would release a thing that perfectly resembles eternal death to religious people?

The chip is most deifnitely coming, but it'll simply be a passport/credit card/license etc...  Not the antichrist.

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@Mordukai: Hmmmm... Interresting. It could have something to do with heaven, or possibly the "New World Order" said to come in 2012.
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@InhumanAchievement: Friendo I'm not on here all day and it's late where I live, but there's really nothing for me to respond to. I'm not going to fight you about interpreting a video game, in fact I thought it was a bit on the dull side (who the hell thinks it's a good idea to only have three mission types?). I'm not going to participate in this topic once it no longer relates to the video game in question, and that seems about now.
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@Sargus: Well I guess its no reason to panic now, but if the V-Chip implant does come true I may panic.
Everyone should refuse to be implanted. If "the man" comes up with a good reason why the chip is a much better solution to all our problems and it should be implanted into everyone then just remember all of this this that will supposedly happen.
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Just because a work of fiction decides to use real world elements - be them historical events/figures, modern situations, or conspiracy theories - does not mean that it is trying to "warn" us or make their fiction something to be taken as gospel. Tom Clancy does a lot of military research etc. for his novels, but does that mean he's trying to tell us that Rainbow Six really exists? Are the National Treasure movies trying secretly trying to recruit treasure hunters to uncover some of America's deepest secrets?


The Assassin's Creed series (if I recall correctly Ubisoft said they're shooting for a trilogy) could end up having a really great plot that involves a lot of real world groups and conspiracy theories. But that does NOT, in any way, make it more than a work of fiction.

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@ZombiePie: Well I didn't intend for this to be completely about the game, but okay. Bye.
I hope your not like that family in Florida...
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lol assians creed was such a shity game

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@Sargus: It just seems like it could all so easily happen.
And the video from my 6th post in this thread worried me...
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@Brundage: Just watch the entire first video and then post what you think...
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@Sargus: You're religious aren't you? The myth theory is far from being "disproven" hell I'm nearly 100% sure it's true. For one we all know religion is pure bullshit. If you HONESTLY believe that anything in the bible actually happened, well I'm surprised your brain hasn't committed hari kari yet. It's pretty funny that most of the religious nutbags ended up saying that, "Oh this is crap because those are just over arching themes amongst the mythological figures, but they aren't EXACTLY the same." No fuck they aren't the same, I wouldn't expect the douchefucks that made up the different religions to be so dumb as to just photocopy each other's religions. The main point is the over arching themes are there amongst all of them with some alarming similiarities and eventually once you go back far enough you find the first ones that were archetyped like that were just forms of sun worship. As for the rest of the game, sure it's awesome that it's a crazy conspiracy game but I don't believe in all the Illuminati crap.

Want to know what the world is ACTUALLY like? Watch The Corporation. Down to earth and very sobering.
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@RsistncE: It seems like you would be okay with the V-Chip and the like happening... But it doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
And I'll look for The Corporation at blockbuster tomorrow out of interest.
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I can't tell if Inhuman is a troll or just dumb. Either way, the folks encouraging his ranting are either feeding a troll or a mind that is not nearly as open as it claims. It would be best to let this thread settle low on the forum seabed.

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@InhumanAchievement: No I would not be alright with it. I just don't think it will happen, not soon at least. I know they have the RFID in the back of US passports, but planting them in people? You can get them voluntarily and I've heard (but can't confirm since it still sounds crazy) that some employees with access to physical gold holdings and the like have to get them implanted in their forearms for access to such banks. Either way it's a long ways off before they even TRY to forcibly put that shit in people and even then I doubt it. People aren't so stupid as to just allow someone to stick a tracking ID in them...then again people have been getting progressively more stupid as time has went on.

Either way, watch the Corporation. You'll find it's a more realistic view of the world but at the same time really isn't all that different from what Conspiracy theorists say, it's just out in the open is all. That's the issue I have with conspiracy theories...they're too busy looking for something they think is hidden when the real problem has been right in the open all along.
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@End_Boss: A troll? No.
An intelligent person who scored in the top 8% on his SATs and isn't sure what to believe, but can put together puzzle pieces? Yes.

So what do you believe? You don't believe these videos at all? What do you think?
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@RsistncE: People are getting stupider and stupider. And kids in school are being led to accept "unnecessary technology."
I've heard that thumbprints are being used in some elementary schools for lunch purchases and library checkouts. I think the idiots today might actually blindly accept these chips. I don't know.
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@InhumanAchievement: Actually in my last year at my school after they did the huge library expansion they added fingerprint scanners for borrowing journals, books etc. It was optional though.

Oh and the Corporation is actually free to download since they released it for free, although since it's also a commercial release it would probably also be available for rental.
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@RsistncE: Whether you're religious or not - and I can understand why you wouldn't be - the claims that Zeitgeist makes are simply untrue. For the sake of saving my time (which I personally consider to be valuable), this link shares a lot of reasons why: I have no way of knowing whether the author is religious or not, unfortunately. But the Zeitgeist guys were operating from a bias in the first place, so even if this guy is working from the opposite bias, I'd consider it fair (I say the same thing in reverse, when it comes up).

The point is, though, that there aren't nearly as many simularities as the film would have you believe. This is really the only aspect of the film that I can speak with any authority on, because as I said, I study religions - not politics and everything else - but having already been familiar with stuff like the zodiac and Egyptian mythology - but mostly well versed in Biblical mythology - I knew right off the bat that the film was being decietful in its wording and editing. Again, this is the only part of the film that I can say that for with certainty, but it certainly made me question the other parts pretty seriously.

As for the "sameness" thing, yes, there are a lot of similarities between religions... But some of them are uncanny in a way that actually help's Christianity's argument rather than hurt it. Such as the fact that many ancient civilizations had a myth about a great, worldwide flood, even when said civilizations were far apart from each other.

Likewise, the story of the Mayan "Hero Twins" reflects Biblical stories in a lot of ways. One I noticed rather quickly when studying the Popol Vuh myself was a story that was very similar to the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abindigo (spelling is wrong but I'm too tired to look it up. It's 2am here), with the Hero Twins being tossed into a furnace without being burned. The story of the Twins also ultimately deals with sacrifice, ressurection and salvation, much like the story of Jesus... But the Mayans were in South America while Jesus was in the Middle East. How'd the stories get so similar?

Granted, since the only translation of the Popol Vuh we currently have was written after Christian missionaries arrived in Mayan territory, there's a chance they influenced the text. But we don't know for sure.

Anyway, now that I might have proven that I at least have an idea of what I'm talking about...

As for events in the Bible happening or not... Whether you believe that Jesus was the son of God or not (and again, I can see why you wouldn't and it's not at all my place here to try to "convert" you, as it were) even staunch athiest historians don't doubt that the New Testament in particular is a pretty reliable historical document. The evidence is there in a lot of ways, from archelogical finds to other, completely seperate documents. Again, I'm not saying this proves the Bible is the only way to Heaven and that Christianity is absolute truth or anything like that (a subject like divinity would need much more evidence to prove)... The ONLY thing I'm saying that that there's strong historical evidence for the events portrayed in the texts (or at least many/most of them). So by saying "If you HONESTLY believe that anything in the bible actually happened, well I'm surprised your brain hasn't committed hari kari yet." you're only showing yourself to be fairly uneducated. Many of the battles and stuff recorded in the Bible are accepted to be factual, whether you believe in God or not.

I have absolutely no problem with people who disagree with religion, etc. But you HAVE to know what you're talking about if I'm going to take you seriously.
#35 Posted by InhumanAchievement (86 posts) -
@RsistncE: This is all so ridiculous. I used to be all about new technology. This is the first time I've felt the "Old Man's Technology Scare."

And thanks for the suggestion. I found The Corporation on their website for $24.50 and free and legal on YouTube. :)
I'll get around to watching it tomorrow.
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@Sargus: I totally agree and believe Christianity to be absolute truth.
#37 Edited by RsistncE (4499 posts) -
@Sargus: I apologize for the hari kari remark but religion in general really annoys the fuck out of me.

It's quite ridiculous to suggest that there is any real solid evidence of the existence of a Jesus of Nazareth. The primary sources pointing to such an existence are the 4 gospels. Keep in mind all of these gospels were written by people who never actually met Jesus, in fact they were decades away from even being considered anything close to eyewitnesses. The gospels themselves tell very little of Jesus in the period between his birth and later in his life. Then there is the HUGE discordance between all the gospels. For fucks sake their isn't even commonality in the form of the virgin birth amongst them.

Again, have your religion, but don't in all honesty go so far as to piss in someone's ear by telling them that Jesus existed, the bible is proof of such existence and then calling THEM uneducated. JESUS CHRIST.
#38 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -
@InhumanAchievement: WTF. You believe all the Zeitgeist shit but you believe Christianity to be truthful? Man that's a huge mind fuck. Not only that but I'm starting to think you're homeless person crazy.
#39 Posted by InhumanAchievement (86 posts) -
@RsistncE: Actually I never said I believed all the "Zeitgeist shit."
And believe me, I'm not crazy... Heres a video of me, I'm perfectly sane.
Haha. Just kidding, just kidding.
I was tempted to message that guy on youtube, but decided not to.
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Anyone see the parallels between those theories and all of Metal Gear Solid and Assassin's Creed?

#41 Posted by InhumanAchievement (86 posts) -
@LiquidPrince: If they work something out you might meet Snake in Assassin's Creed 3.
#42 Posted by LiquidPrince (16471 posts) -
@InhumanAchievement said:
" @LiquidPrince: If they work something out you might meet Snake in Assassin's Creed 3. "
The Illuminati is the Patriots AND they are part of Abstergo.
#43 Posted by InhumanAchievement (86 posts) -
@LiquidPrince: It would be funny if in the next Metal Gear game there were microchips implanted in the right hand or forehead instead of the nanomachines or whatever it was in MGS4.
#44 Posted by Hoopstown (11 posts) -

The story's not good enough to deserve this much thought.

#45 Posted by InhumanAchievement (86 posts) -

Well it just made me think... And there is all kinds of stuff going around on YouTube that is easily believable and seems like it could be true... Like the VeriChip.

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