Heavy Rain & Alan Wake, what do u know bout it?

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So, im quite new to giantbomb.com and im already enjoyin the site and what it has to offer. 
Firstly, i would like to say hi, and also excuse my poor english and my continously use of slang (hope it dont bother u to much). 
Ive had my eyes on Alan Wake for a while cuz i get the feelin of it being a quite interessting game, though i dont know much about it! Sure, Ive watched a couple of trailers (witch by the way looks pretty bad ass) but i dont know anything about the story about the game, and im not really sure what kind of game it'll be.  
The same about Heavy Rain. I stumbled upon it when i surfed giantbomb a couple of weeks ago and i also noticed that its gettin alot of hype from alotta peeps. 
Anyone who can tell me the basis of the story behind both these games. Also what type of game Heavy Rain is and if its in first pirson or third person. Just gimme a sumtin sumtin to break down!  
Wud appriciate it!  
(n have in mind that im a newbie so be gentle! haha). 
Regards - The Rookie.

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Have you tried checking out the wikis for the games on this site?

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I, for one, do not understand the hype at all about these two games.

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