How to get Assassin's Creed to run perfectly

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I purchased Assassin's Creed through Steam since it was $10. waited about 4-5 hours till the download ended and then when i launched the game, the problems began.

  • Intro Ubisoft video: you would hear the audio but the video would fade in and out and sometimes jsut stay black. 
  • The latter also occured with intro movie.
  • WHEN ONE: a) Kills and enemy; b) Collects a flag or c) completes and objective of some sort, THE VIDEO WOULD FREEZE FOR ABOUT 3-5 seconds, however the audio would keep on going and then resume to normal. 
  • In the city of Damascus, terrain and buildings are missing; However people and other assessts are still there.

The Problem Explained:

The Freezing occurs because when one kills and enemy or achives something, the game (for some retarted reason) attempts to connect to the ubisoft server. This endues the game to momentarily freeze.

The Solutions:

  • Completely exit out of XFire, this will get rid of most Video mishaps such as the Damascus's missing buildings. I dont really know why XFIre onflicts with the game in such a way exactly, but im going to spetualte it has something to do with the way XFire does they video overlay thing.
  • Once the game starts, unplug the ethernet jack from your rig, this will prevent the game from attempting to connect to the Ubisoft server.

I did both of these and now the game runs perfectly.

Hope this helps!

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