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I just purchased the PC version of Assassin's Creed and the game is freezing up.  The picture will lock in place but the audio will continue, if someone is talking they will finish the line, but the music will keep playing.  It will usually freeze sometime before about 5 minutes of running the game. I have tried lowering the graphical settings, but this does not seem to help.  I have not yet tried to reinstall but will tomorrow.  I am running a core 2 duo 6600, a geforce 8800 GTS 640MB, 2 GB of RAM, and have an extreme gamer X-fi card.

Thanks for the help!

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I can't see why...

I played the entire game on the PC and never had a hitch with a weaker PC then you have, expect I had just a bit more RAM.

I suggest customer support

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Your graphics card maybe overheating. If the game is freezing up/picture locking, then it is definitely a graphics card heat issue. Make sure you update your graphics card off of the nvidia website and check to see if your card is not overheating, use a program such as PC Wizard 2008. I hope this helps.

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I just downloaded the new 175.19 geforce drivers, but now the game runs all choppy while it is running. it ran smooth and fine before.  But it still froze after about 5 minutes.  I turned the power supplies 'turbo' fan on and placed a desk fan at the front to increase air flow and when i alt tabbed out to check the temperature on nvidia's temp checker it said the video card was at 69 C.

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I turned off hardware sound acceleration and that has apparently fixed the issue.  I guess creative lab's beta drivers don't jive with assassin's

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It might be your because of your PC, It runs perfectly when I played it.

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Did anyone else have the problem with the sea when in Damascus?  Any time I was looking at it my framerate jerked to a stupidly low level that made it virtually impossible to play.  I had no problem with water in other places like the Kingdom.  I was playing the PC version btw.

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