Replay value?

#1 Posted by freezerr (241 posts) -

Does anyone pop this in again, from time to time, or is Assassin's Creed so repetitive that you didn't want to have a 2nd playthrough?

(I'm trying to decide between buying and renting for this title.)

#2 Posted by jkz (4070 posts) -

I loved the game the first time, but I haven't popped it in since finishing up

#3 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

There are flags to collect. Yup.

#4 Posted by WitchHunter_Z (894 posts) -

I only popped it back in once to see how it looked on my new TV, that was about it. I'd say just rent it for a week.

#5 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -

I've played through it twice and plan on playing it again.

#6 Posted by LiquidPrince (16475 posts) -

I play it all the time. Even if you don't play the story, it has the Grand Theft Auto kind of aspect when you can just walk around kill everyone in a whole city. Mess around and stuff.

#7 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

I like playing it from time to time, but your second playthrough is just boring. You can't skip cutscenes, which is really annoying. So, not great replay value. But Assassin's Creed II is coming out in November, so...

#8 Posted by Mikemcn (7407 posts) -

Im playing it myself right now, so i will get back to you, although i have the directors edition with a few more mission types so its a little less repetitive, i dont actually know if it will make a second play through worth while

#9 Posted by freezerr (241 posts) -

Thanks for the responses, guys. I think I'll rent this and maybe if I fall in love with it, I'll buy a copy.

#10 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

My replay value consists of how much I reboot the last part of the game and hunt soldiers.  I haven't replayed the story because I want to keep all my progress.

#11 Posted by DECA555 (413 posts) -

i was hard pressed to finish this game once. The repitition was a bit much for me. 

#12 Posted by Sick_J0ke (192 posts) -

The game is very repetetive if you don't travel by rooftop. Learning how to jump around the city like spiderman makes it far more appealing than if you just run to your objectives in the streets. Also, learning the combat system thoroughly helps, just mashing X makes things very boring but  if you get every aspect of  it down it can get really fun. I just wish there were more side missions that saving 20 citizens in every town.

#13 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -

i think the repetition was enough on my first time through

#14 Posted by fresh2deafbill (914 posts) -

i put it in every now and then

#15 Posted by Psyx2 (405 posts) -

It's annoying that you can't skip cutscenes, but other than that it's worth playing again just for how fun it is to run around on rooftops.

#16 Posted by NoDeath (854 posts) -

I beat it twice, once just going after each of the targets and killing them as soon as they were availabe. Second time I did all the side missions (except the flag collections) for the achievements.

#17 Posted by T0mF5 (937 posts) -

I would say buy it because it is only $20.

#18 Posted by leeto (145 posts) -

it's worth playing again just to screw around. 

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