hawkinson76's Assassin's Creed (Limited Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Souless and Unfun

This game is as soulless and unfun. It is repetitive, shallow, and frequent cut scenes only highlight the unlikable characters.

Still curious? Borrow the game and complete the first assassination mission. I'll wait. Done? Okay, you've now seen everything the game has to offer. Did you like that long ride to the first city? Did you love the investigations (sit on a bench and listen overhear, walk real slow and press b to pick pocket)? Are you thrilled at the thought of climbing up 10 view points per city district? Then you are in luck because you'll be doing all of those things over and over again. Completed all of the cities? Don't fret, you'll be sent back to EACH city two more times (poor, merchant, and rich districts).

There might be more stuff after that, but I never got past clearing the second district in the 3rd city. Or was that the 3rd district in the second city? I have no idea, its all the exact same in both game play and story. (edit: I did eventually finish the game, I relied on the hidden blade counter to get through all the late game combat, no change in my score or review.)

The two stars are for the pretty graphics and occasionally interesting combat.    

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