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 Assassins creed is one of my favorite games of all time! 
GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is a fantastic blend of swordplay. stealth and free running. Although the gameplay experience does at some point feels a little repetetive but that shouldn't bother you to much. The gameplay revolves around those three basic mechanics (swordplay, free running, stealth) and packs them into an assassination mission. The games free-roaming enviroment's are packed with pedestrians, merchants and guards. Basically you play as Altiar (excuse any miss spelling in the name). A member of an assassins buerau who is tasked with taking down bad people. But your killings will not go unrewarded. Every couple of assassinations you will be rewarded with a new chunk of the story and possibly a new weapon to end lives with. But the story is very confusing but still engaging. Basicaly about 25% of the game takes place in the future! Yes you heard it right THE FUTURE! Don't go thinking that you'll be able to roam around future landscapes though. The game is about you a modern day person who's ancestors have a dark past. Your ancestor and main character of the game Altiar (pronounced: All-Tie-Air). A corrupt scientist want's to learn more about your ancestors dark past of the assassinations buerau. So he put's you into a sort of deep sleep in order to tap into your memory's and find out more about Altiar. 
GRAPHICS: The graphics in Assassins creed are nothing special although they are very good. It has depth of feild when locked onto an enemy motion blur when looking around and some other great next-gen featured. Assassins creed is defidently one game that you want to keep your eye on if your an  xbox 360 owner. So get out there and start stabbing some medival fools.

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