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When i first saw this game at E3 I was stoked it was one of my most anticipated games of the year it was innovative and had some incredibly stunning visuals. I waited about a week after it was released and decided to rent it. And what an awesome decision that was.


Has a cool sandbox feel to it
Storyline  was well done but could have had more added to it
Visuals are great especially when you climb towers
There are alot off inovative aspects not seen in many games.

           There is no variation at all between bosses besides maybe there appearance. Each mission is redicullously identical and leaves thinking you have done each mission over and over again.Also levels are built in a way  that makes getting away either way to easy or way to hard there is no real median to balance it out. There are also small nuscances such as walls that  you know youve climbed before suddenly deny when running away and take mulitple attempts to scale


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