exists's Assassin's Creed (Limited Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Breathtaking! The presentation is incredible but gameplay is ok.

What was GIANT
- Presentation > Looks absolutely amazing! The old cities look outstanding. Goodbye Gears and COD4, the new graphics champion is here!

- Climbing/Jumping > Really well done as far as animation goes (average control scheme), the views up top are breathtaking.

- Crowds > Walking through the crowd is revolutionary, has some issues with incorrect animations showing up but overall it's a great achievement.

- Stealth > The ability to kill enemies using stealth is really cool, I wish they used the Splinter Cell engine, it would've been way better.

- Animations > Be it your character, the combat moves, horse motion etc. the animation is second to none, very well done!

- Kills > Even though the combat controls are weak, once you get used to them the kills are very satisfying and varied. However the controls are not consistent and poorly done. The key is to hit the right trigger and wait for an enemy to attack then click X for a counter attach, rinse-repeat.

What BOMBed
- Controls > Can get really frustrating in Combat situations. Not as good as expected especially the climb/combat controls, it takes a while getting used to the controls and holding the right trigger all through combat is not very creative. Same thing goes when going in a blend position, you have to keep your A button pressed all the time, it should go prone on first click then back to normal on second click.

- Story > I wish they dropped the sci-fi and stuck with history mostly, it seems every game/movie wants to tie some science experiment time-travel stuff that is really not needed here. You go through the pain of recreating this fantastic old world and detailed cities etc. and then you mess it all up with futuristic elements, bad call!!!

- AI > You can sometimes "cheat" the AI and kill enemies right in front of them and they will let you go, it also lacks consistency, you might trigger alerts when there shouldn't be any.

- Character motion > Feels a bit clunky in places, sometimes stops in unexpected spots but the effort to break new ground is appreciated.

- Repetitive > Missions are extremely repetitive but I do enjoy running over the buildings and getting to the high points.

- Tutorial > Insufficient, should have more detail/controls. Pick-pocketing can be a pain, again weak control scheme.

- Sandbox > In some spots, you think you can reach certain places but it won't allow you to.

- Achievements > I can't stand collecting items and there's way too many of these.

- Exit game > Should have a more obvious and faster quit option.

- Co-op > Would've been quite an interesting plus.
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