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"Nothing is true,Everything is permitted."

This game,has been talked about a lot before it was released.As usual, the proud PC owners got it after the console owners because the world seems to run around like this nowadays ... nevertheless I expected much,i say, from this game and Ubisoft ( and the guys from Ubi Romania ) did a great job...I can proudly affirm that this game is one of the best games i played... now let's see why...

Graphics are an important part of videogames nowadays... in fact if game X has less shaders than game Y,the graphics aren't as good as they should be... well Assasin's Creed may not use CryEngine (thank god) but it's graphics are simply amazing... Everything looks so alive.. from Altair to the madmen in the cities and to the cities themselves.... The (3) cities you are sent to "visit" are masterpieces of gaming architecture.... they respect the architecture of the time, having specific elements... as an example.. where the muslim towns had round-ish shapes, and that exotic look, the crusader towns came in with a more serious look... the buildings structure giving them a solid look a "rectangular" shape if you will , making you feel different each time you travelled from Jerusalem to Acre..... the citizens look very alive , as does Altair and his assasination targets.....but with all these strong points , come the bugs you can find (like people stretching unnaturally when falling from buildings, stretched people appearing in the sky.. etc )


The Sound fits in and helps with creating the atmosphere of the time... the voices of the citizens are good, the voice acting of the main characters is ok, but doesn't get the spotlight (though Altair has a convincing voice in all what he says ) ... the music during chases is very good .. helping the adrenaline get to you faster ...


The Gameplay is what this game has the best .... As you know it is a platformer with combat and stealth elements.. usually you would say "bah... another PoP like game.. boring" but it brings some innovative ideas into the so-called "PoP gameplay"
I'm going to start with the best part of the gameplay, and that is the platforming part.... in other platformers you only needed to jump over gaps and obstacles or catch certain ledges in order to move further..
In Assasin's Creed you any small piece or crack in a building can help you get to your goal.. this brings fun to the game because you can literally stay off the streets and on top of the buildings all the time ...
The goal in the game is to assasinate 9 targets ... to get to them you must investigate to find information about the time and place which would favor your strike.. now this is probably the weakest part of the gameplay ... because there are 6 (entertaining) minigames you can choose from.. 3 being the minimum limit of investigations needed to allow you to start the assasination mission....
Though most of the times you'll be performing stealth kills at certain points (after assasinations or because of some dumb mistake your keyboard or gamepad made you do..) you will find yourself exposed... now in order to become anonymous again you can run and hide in certain hiding spots (hay carts, hay packs , between 2 seated citizens on a bench, in a special thing on top of the buildings ) , or kill all the guards chasing you ) .. and here we come to the most controversial part of the game.. the combat... at first sight it will seem boring but when you get the counter attack you will see that repetitivity is fun for the first time ever ..
Apart from the times you'll be running errands to get the informaion needed you'll just feel like climbing buildings or walking... and you'll see that Altair moves so naturally ... I mean the movement synchronizes with what directions he goes, what moves he needs to do... putting the body in the real positions neede for some actions.....
So this is the main reason why Assasin's Creed is a must have


The story starts off pretty weird (in a high tech research facility) but as you play on you'll see that it fits to the gameplay and vice versa... I won't give further information , because there might be SPOILERS..... it's not bad but it's not the best , either


The overall impression the game left me was one of freedom... one that gets near to reality.... that i was visiting a living world that i was taking part in everything...that no one could stop me from (killing the nearest peasant then running like a phuxtard around with 20 guards after me) doing what i want ...


So this sums up my opinion and impression on Assasin's Creed... if you haven't got it.. get it now... or at least rent it.. because you'll be missing out one of the best games that ever came out ..

Posted by dev_ron

i bought the game yesterday and still waiting to upgrade my pc :(
nice review btw. specially the way you've described the graphics part.

Posted by DarkyHBK

nice review kid,but I'll have to disagree with a couple of aspects.whatever,good work on writing it though...I mean copy/pasting lol

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