old_snake864's Assassin's Creed (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

Wow... Proper next gen graphics amazing story just wow..

Ok assassins creed is one a game which will be remembered for a long time.
Firsly the graphics are amazing, I think its the best graphical game to date, everything from Altair to the massive environment with leaves growing from trees tall buildings which dont lose texture and the many people populating the holy land not many of them copies of each other.

The sound in assassins creed is excellent. great voice acting by all the characters, sword fights sound great and realistic, and one cool feature of the game is ramdom people say stuff when they see you running and climbling.

Storyline wise is awsome. You actually play as two people, the game is actually set in the future and you are Desmond who is really an assassin 9he doesnt know it) and the main doctor who is experimentinng on him is a templer (the assassins arch rivels). Desmond can go back to his ancester memories which is where most of the game takes place.

Gameplay of assassins creed is good. Basically you undergo a mission which turns out badly and you get stripped of your rank and all throughtout the game you are trying to restore it by doing other assassinations throught 3 cities in the holy land. Right the bit why people dont like this game is they say it is repetitive. well it is to some extend but you will want to play the game anyway to see how all the story pans out.

The map is HUGE on assassins creed which provides awsome free roming experience where you can just kill guards for fun (which is one of the best features of the game).

It doesnt really have any reply value but there is a ton of flags (420) to collect and templers to kill (60).

Control wise is does it good job. you can easily climb any climbable surface at will just by holding down one button and the controls used for combat worked well too.

Overall assassins creed is the best graphical game to date and it just proves how good next gen consoles are. I would recommand it to anyone. Seriously get this game!!
Posted by Harrison

i didnt like the storyline, gameplay wise it was great

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Your reviews actually have comments! Mine on the other hand....

Great review!

Posted by Old_Snake864


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