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Another disaspointing game

Assassin's Creed is a game that you will want to play just once :(...and that's really bad,because I waited for a game that will breaks the cliches,but I was very wrong.Yes the game has its story,graphics,sound effects...but the gameplay feels weak.All kinds of climbing,freeruning,sneaking were very cool,but the missions repeat ALL THE TIME.There some people that you have to kill (very important people) and there are 3 cities-Damscuss,Acre and Jerusalem.There is only one guy per city...and every time before assassinating the VIP you have to go through the same missions (investigations-stealing,evesdroping...).The first two-three times they were cool,but later it's just boring and you pray only to finish the missions,so you can assassinate the VIP.The way of killing people is actually very,very cool and original.You can kill with the sword,you can kill with knifes,with handknife and it's well done.But the fighting is very weak,because only thing you do is block and wait for someone to attack you so you can counter-attack him and kill him.But if gameplay is weak,the plot feels very solid and interesting.You play as а young guy from the near future and his predecessor-Altair who's actually a assassin from the Medieval times.The graphic is great and you can feel the wide world and the surroundings.The sound effects are very cool and realistic.The only problem was the boring missions.You will have a good time playing it,but at the end you will not feel so...great.

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