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Assassins creed may be beautiful but it sucks

SO let me just say i reviewd Assassins creed 3 times now and this is how i feel after playing the game alot.

So when I was at the store To take the orange box back because it didn't work they didn't have any so they said just pick out another game and I saw assassins creed and i was like hell ya and the clerk said its amazing and i poped it in and my hardrive was screwed up so i sat there with out saving for about 7 hours and was on the 6th mission. so i finialy got something to save the game one and i quit frankly couldn't stand another play thorough.

So the story of assassins creed has you play as to people Altier and his descendant and the descendant story has you being tested in a lab kinda like a rat and you are linked back in time through some table to your ancester who is a selfih assassins who ends up screwing up a mission and is de rainked and has to earn his rank back by assassinating these people. the people you assassinate in assassins creed were real but had dissapered the story is ok in assassins creed but the second story as the descendant is just plane stupid and just ruiens the whole experince for you.

THe sound is assassins creed is realy good the voice acting is agood and has its moments but there is one thing wrong all the gard people and civilians have the same voice and when your doing something tell you to stop acting like a kid wich is kinda anyoing and often results in me stabing them

the grpachis in assassins creed is prety amazing its so beautiful the characters look amazing the city is stellar and everything around you is quite beautiful. there is some minior things there is some glitches in the game like walking of the edge and there is about 4 more feet of invisible platform wich is kinda dissapointing.

the game play is what sucks the side story has you literly talking to some people and laying down on some table. NOw as the assassin altier you go on these missions and pick pocket ease drop and visit your local assassins bural to get info then you get to climb high points to lean the area alot better then you go and watch your target do something stupid and sneak around him and kill him and escape from the city on hore back.thats bassicly all mission in the game and it gets realy boring you can go horse back but its boring you can walk around killing gards and do prety cool looking combat moves in the game you can alos climb buldings and leap of them to others and hide in some hay and blend with some monks t oalert the gards away and its so repditvie it just takes away the whole expreince and its rather lame..

so overall the value is terrible the gameplay is absolutly terrible and boring and ign called this game one of the top 5 dissapointments and i couldn't agree less its absolutly broking

the sound 9
the graphics 9
the gameplay 3
the value 1
the story 5
overall 4.0
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Posted by guyarye


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