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To those who are not familiar with the French comic book series, which is incredibly popular in Europe, here is the gist. The Roman Empire is at full flow, crushing and conquering everything in its way. Yet, one little Gaul village upholds a resitance which cannot be broken by the largest Roman army. It all comes down to the village druid and his magic potion which blesses the drinker with inhuman powers to knock those Romans off their sandals
In The Magic Cauldron, the very cauldron has been smashed and the heroes, Asterix & Obelix embark on a journey to replace it, which leads them from the deepest forest to the remotest Roman town, fighting off wild boars and even wilder Roman warriors on their way.  
The gameplay is simple, screen for screen, the player beats up whichever or whoever stands in his way. The game switches to a "fight-window" mode whenever an encounter takes place (see the screenshots). 

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