California Extreme 2010: The Floor

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Buddy. I would like to take the time to sigh at you. And now, I will watch this video.

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Hope you brought your own sanitizer! ;)

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If I watch this, I will be jealous. Oh Hell, I already am.

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Hellz Yea!
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Oh MY GOD! That is awesome!

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I expected more beards

#16 Posted by Blair (2536 posts) -

This really makes me want an Asteroids machine.

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Wow. That made me motion sick. I never get motion sick from videos...

#18 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3098 posts) -

Shaky cam! Also, not quite as packed in as I had imagined.

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Oh man!  I so want to attend this event next year.  Until then I will enjoy my own arcade convention with in Game Room. :)
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so much pinball!

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  This is what I imagine happens at the start of this event.
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Man, this video made my eyes hurt for some reason, and a little motion sick as well.
Ether way, I am envious.

#23 Posted by kollay (1967 posts) -

The dude in the skirt was priceless.

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This Place Looks so EXTREME.

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Bike pinball is the best pinball.

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Aw shucks, no commentary. 

#27 Posted by DoctorWelch (2763 posts) -

That music makes this thing all the more awesome.

#28 Posted by cooljammer00 (2162 posts) -

Kinda wish it had more narration by Ryan.

#29 Posted by Milkman (17589 posts) -

A lot of people in that convention center need a damn haircut.

#30 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

Are all the games set to free play at that show?

#31 Posted by wrecks (2352 posts) -

It's like a Time Warp! That's it I'm going next year.

#32 Posted by Diamond (8634 posts) -

Man I totally would go to this if I wasn't so far away.

#33 Posted by SithToast (169 posts) -

i just love hearing the sounds from all the arcade machines at once along with all of the people

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That biking one was a bit messed though XD

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No-one at GB other than Vinny can hold a camera steady. He is irreplaceable.

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 I love how at around 4:50 it becomes an asteroids quicklook for like 10 seconds. Man, that brought back some memories of sneaking into the backroom of a family friends video store and playing an old WWF Royal Rumble arcade machine they had hooked up back there for some reason. Or playing on a Pin Ball machine and that Aerosmith light gun cabinet at a local bowling alley when I was a kid..

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...Is this Heaven?

#38 Posted by papercut (3642 posts) -

7:09 Kill screen. coming up.

#39 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1130 posts) -

I would have been all over that empty Crystal Castles machine.

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I bet they had Back to the Future pinball.

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It does my heart good to see that many arcade machines in one place receiving the love and attention they deserve.  I will always love Arcades, even if they are only kind-of around anymore.

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Wish I were there!

#43 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -

I want to know more about The Act. 
I also wish I wasn't so far away from that wonderful looking place.

#44 Posted by Teeknuts (193 posts) -

They had Police Trainer there, right? Cause nothing says arcade to me like Police Trainer.

#45 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12345 posts) -

This seems like a place I would want to be.

#46 Posted by Morden2261 (280 posts) -

So beautiful.  Should...  have sent.... a poet.

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I bet that place starts to smell awful with all those people packed in there. Also, even though it's not that good, hooray for Top Skater.

#48 Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans (309 posts) -

Now i miss arcades =(

#49 Posted by Reverseface (1221 posts) -

Looks like the dudes with pony tails who live in their mom's basement convention.

#50 Posted by BunkerBuster (1042 posts) -

Looks like people still give a shit about arcades, interesting.

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