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 I didn't like those kids anyway!
The goal of ADCM is, like in many similar one button games, to accumulate a high score.  You achieve that through evading obstacles, like the titular asteroids.  Additionaly you can collect bubbles for bonus points and multiplies. 
To avoid crashing you have to manage the thrust of the ship, when the A Button  is pressed you fly higher, when it's not pressed you fly down.
It's on XBLM and costs 80 Microsoft Points.

Visual Style

Classic Mode

 In Space no one can [add your own Joke here]
In this mode the ship is flying through a generic modern space background with asteroids to avoid and bubbles to collect.


Retro Mode

 The Matrix in SD
In this mode the pixelated ship is flying through a green,black and pixelated space and still has to avoid low-res asteroids and collect bubbles.

Double Rainbow Mode

 Double Pegasus all the way
This mode is an obvious reference to the Double Rainbow meme. You have to avoid clouds, suns, hippies, icarus, bees with propellers on their backs, man-fairies, winged fists and pegasuses. Instead of bubbles you have to collect hot air ballons. Instead of the usual smoke and fire of the thrusters, the ship will emit coloured stars and circles.

Notebook Mode

 Sketchbook Noir
In this mode the ship is crudely hand drawn and in the background are lines from a notebook visible. The ship explodes into crumpled paper pieces.

Winter Uprising

 It belonged to the lineup of the self promotional "Winter Uprising" initative, in which some Indie developers started an event similiar to Microsoft's House/Bloc Party events, just for indie games. 
Other entrants include but are not limited to:   
- Alpha Squad
- Epic Dungeon
- Crossfire 2
- Cthulhu Saves the World


The name is a joke of a quote of Darth Vader from the move The Empire Strikes Back:
"Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral, get that ship at all costs, no excuses."

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