Universal Making a Movie Out of Atari's Asteroids Game

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Wait for it..............................


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I won't immediately dismiss the movie. Asteroids lack of storyline leaves plenty room for artistic license, and who knows, the movie could be good. However, the concept itself is dumb. They might as well make a movie about shooting asteroids that isn't based on the game. It would be no different.

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There was a damned good movie made years ago called Outland starring Sean Connery which took place on an asteroid, and there is an anime called Mighty Space Miners with a similar setting so films about asteroids are not unheard of.  Plus, there are all the Armageddon and Deep Impact disaster movies.  I think someone could make a movie about mining asteroids in space by blasting them into smaller pieces and hauling off the chunks for processing.  Toss in a few pissed off saucer-aliens and Megan Fox and you've got a summer hit.

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Will Smith should be in it.

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Director Micheal Bay....hahahaha!

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@Hector said:
" Director Micheal Bay....hahahaha! "
I see Atari going with Uwe Boll. Bay will be just do damn expansive for them.
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Lame, Space Invaders is far more worthy.

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Sweet, more fuel for the non-stop TANG train!

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