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The Asura are a race of diminutive but incredibly intelligent humanoids who live beneath the surface of Tyria. They see the world as a complex magical machine, and their philosophy of “Eternal Alchemy” touches everything they do. Inventors, scientists, and spellcasters of every stripe, the Asura consider many other races beneath them—and are not afraid to tell them so at every opportunity.

It has been centuries since Asura were seen aboveground. In fact, until recently, many humans thought they were a myth. However, recent reports have confirmed their existence.

-Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript


The Asura are a race of a short and brilliant artisans. They lived under Tyria for all recorded history until they were forced up nearly 250 years ago by the Great Destoyer's undead minions. Since they were forced up from the depths of Tyria they have adapted to life and have established themselves as one of the major powers on the surface. The Asura are some of the most skilled and intelligent scholars and craftsmen since the Dwarfs (arguably better). They study endlessly and run extensive experiments to better understand that arts of magic and the world they live in. This leads the Asura to have a great understanding and grasp on the reality of life, which could be a contributing factor in their personalities. The Asura are notoriously arrogant. They look down on all of the other races. They refer to them as "Bookahs", which roughly means large and dumb. The term "Bookah" actually comes from an old tale that the Asura tell to their children. It is about a large, stupid, loud, ignorant giant called a "Bookah". The Asura's superiority complex comes from their belief that they were, and still are destined to rule over the other "inferior" races. 
The Asura physiology is vastly different from that of the Humans, Charr, Norn, and the Sylvari. By Human standards the Asura are very short, nearly half the size of a average Human. They also have elongated ears that usually angle horizontally and pointed teeth (unlike the blunt teeth of a Human). There is little difference between male and female Asura and can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. The only real distinguishing features are their voices and depending on the individual Asura's choices, their hairstyles. 
If a player chooses to play as an Asura they will have to choose a college where their Asura studied. This choice will effect the players background story but not their abilities. The players will then be able to choose what their first experiment was from their respective college. This will also only effect the players background story.
The three Asuran Colleges are:

  • College of Dynamics
  • College of Statics
  • College of Synergetics


Asura Culture & History

Very little is known about the Asura's long history as the Asura themselves care little to record it. The Asura instead use their knowledge and ever expanding intelligence to look forward to what they can do and create in the future rather than dwell on the past.
The Asura society is not run by an organized government. The Asura instead have guild like groups that are called krewes. Each krewe is lead by an elder Asura with much experience in that specific krewe's area of expertise. The krewe is usually assigned to specific task. Individual Asura can join a krewe that they feel their individual expertise can best help with. Once a krewe is finished with said task the Asura leave and join another krewe as they please. This allows each Asura to reach their full potential without being limited by bureaucracy.


  • Asura have longer lifespans that Humans. Living nearly 10% longer. It is unknown how they compare to other races though.
  • Asrua's are well known for their use of mechanical Golems. It is rumored that this will be the Asura's racial ability in Guild Wars 2.
  • The main Asuran city in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 and where players will start is Rata Sum.


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