Asura's Wrath = an exciting and interesting Heavy Rain

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I found Heavy Rain to be a completely boring and shallow game, not going to lie. I rented it and played through it once, got some trophies and literally sent it back in 5 days early. I chalked it up to the style of game it was - a QTE game. I am that guy who actually cries at movies and TV, yet the story of Heavy Rain still completely bored me as well as the actual things you do in the game.

So I kind of passed off on Asura's Wrath after hearing about it's focus on QTEs.

Out of curiosity I downloaded the demo, and I'm completely blown away. This is how QTE games should be done - a complete mindfuck, a massive wall of visual candy just being thrown at you. I liken this game to an interactive anime, complete with the campiness and the sound effects.

Who else has given the game a shot and came back with a completely different mindset?

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My hopes were neither high or low when I first started playing. I never find QTEs good in games. Heavy Rain was the closest I came to enjoying QTEs and even then I didn't have that much fun. Nothing has changed since I played the demo for this game. It feels like the developers didn't know how to incorporate what they wanted to do with this game in the actual gameplay as they designed it so they just say "Hey! QTEs!!!" which allowed them to show their crazy shit but without actual gameplay.

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@xyzygy: Seems like you've been taking up to the name of your avatar picture and going somewhat mental. Took me 9:30 minutes to realize that Asura's Wrath is just what you say it is, eye candy, and a mindless one at that. I can understand not liking Heavy Rain, I can understand on how you can completely like this game but linking the two is lunacy. I just felt i was playing another over the top Japanese Action Adventure.

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@Mordukai: Haha, I wouldn't necessarily say they are that far apart. Sure they are completely different in tone, setting, style, mood, etc... but you can't deny that they both rely heavily on QTE's (or so the demo of AW leads us to believe, so far)

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I have come in here to say how much I love Heavy Rain.

Now that I have relieved my burden, I can leave in peace.

*fades into the aether*

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I haven't heard that comparison before, but in makes sense with both being very QTE heavy, only difference is that Asura's Wrath is fun... OHHOHOHOHO... lol

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