Asura's Wrath Dev Team Discusses Their "Un-Free" Game

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1up's news post
I literally loved the the trailer for the game more than whole complete games this generation, I feared that I was expecting too much out of the game since there's no way it'll make me feel what I felt for this trailer (even the shorter HD one felt 'wrong') but the interview gives me hope they are going for the right direction.
 It's kinda funny how he describes QTE as those new , magical inventions of gaming. But still, it's so fucking refreshing seeing a developer doing what they want to instead of trying to shoehorn things not in the spirit of the game so that they can add bullet points that are similar to this generations most successful games.
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Despite the QTE's seen in the debut trailer, but the trailer alone has me more hyped than Arkham Asylum, Sonic Colors, and Splatterhouse combined, my favorite games of 09-10. The fact that they're letting us PLAY the events we see in the trailer, 300-style arrows blotting out the sun, and a towering-over-earth buddha statue, and undoubtedly more, makes me salivate, no matter how it's implemented. 
I'm a big fan of beat 'em ups, like Splatterhouse, and the idea that Connect2 is focusing on making this the best beat 'em up they can instead of adding DLC, Co-Op or something else like that, is really an inspiration, focusing on the gameplay and the story. This is a must-have for me, whenever it comes out.

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