Asura's Wrath is on sale at Newegg for their 72 hour sale

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Hey duders and dudettes,

Just a heads up, Asura's Wrath is $15.99 with free shipping at right now.

Here are the links:

PS3 Version

X-Box 360 Version

Credit goes to Cheap Ass Gamers for notifying me of this.


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Not that Amazon's price is better, but they sell it for $18.65 and $19.63. So if you don't want to buy it right now, you won't exactly pay a big penalty.

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I almost bought it, but Journey's Artbook is available for purchase today and I need a new classy coffee table book.

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Out of stock.

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I got this for $40 and even with buying the DLC felt I got my money's worth. One of my favorite games this gen.

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@Hizang: Yeah that's a shame. But the 360 version is still in stock, so the 360 wielding duders still have a chance to grab this game.

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Worth every penny, I think enough time's passed to run through it again.

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PS3 version is back in stock my fellow Bombadiers! 360 version is sold out.

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