Asura's Wrath: You Should Watch This Trailer

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#51 Posted by lokey013 (110 posts) -

Nifty trailer...wonder how it'll actually play
#52 Posted by TorMasturba (1123 posts) -
@fox01313 said:

The asian mythos might make it an interesting sci-fi tale, hopefully it won't be drowning in common lackluster japanese gameplay mechanics/controls.


And overly long movement animations, like a punch animation that lasts 7-8 seconds long. Hearkened back to the Lost Planet days of waiting for a long time for my character to get back up when he's fallen over.
#53 Posted by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -

Three pages and not a single cry of "sotc ripoff" - thank you for being much better than a certain other gaming forum GB posters.

#54 Posted by Shaanyboi (1505 posts) -
@fillmoejoe said:

" I really wish people would stop using the one woman (or man) wailing in their trailers.

You complain about this being a tired trend, and your examples are a 10 year old movie, and an 11 year old game?
#55 Posted by ajamafalous (12893 posts) -
@alex said:
Akuma and Galactus were the first things I thought as well.
#56 Posted by m0rdr3d (476 posts) -

This looks tailor-made to appeal to teen angst.  I wonder if the english VO removes all the ridiculous japanese yelling/groaning at least.     

#57 Posted by chickdigger802 (575 posts) -

Sucks to be the daughter. No boy would dare approach her.

You could man up to the crazy father with the shotgun, but this?

#58 Posted by sameeeeam (2471 posts) -

This game looks crazy.

#59 Posted by Spiritof (2283 posts) -

From now on, whenever I smash an ant under my thumb, this is what I'm going to see and hear.

#61 Posted by kimchibomb (30 posts) -


#62 Posted by Nomin (1004 posts) -

I guess in the game if you fend off the index finger, then you need to hold off the middle finger, followed by ring finger, pinky, then the thumb, then move onto the next hand, and after that, the little right toe, going one after other until the big dude has no other extremities left, then he will proceed to fall headlong onto the earth, at which point you have to battle his face, destroying his eyes, nostrils, mustache, and mouth along with his teeth, and then with the fury not seen before Fist of the Legend you go ATATATATATATATATA and send the demon back where it came from. THE END. 

#63 Posted by kerse (2373 posts) -

I don't know what to think yet.

#64 Posted by Gr1mace (80 posts) -

Art Style looks awesome, I'll definately give this a fair shake.

#65 Posted by Roasted (74 posts) -

Yeah, that's unmistakably  Japanese.

#66 Posted by Mesoian (1620 posts) -

It's definitely CC2's style.

After the disappointment that was Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, I'm glad that they've taken the best parts of that game and made a game that is all style. Let's hope the substance is strong enough to keep it afloat, because it certainly wasn't for their last 3 games.

#67 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

I don't think any asian things should be brought into sci-fi outside of mechs.

#68 Posted by Evilsbane (5440 posts) -

Wow as a DBZ fan that whole scene was fucking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G I think I can use the word "epic" here.

#69 Posted by Osaladin (2669 posts) -

Holy shit, that dude is angry as hell.

I liked everything in this video.
#70 Posted by jking47 (1285 posts) -

game looks fun, i love japan

#71 Posted by EveryNobody (37 posts) -

This was an awesome trailer. Looking forward to seeing what the game will be like.

#72 Posted by dancinginfernal (554 posts) -

So angry.

#73 Posted by Kyle (2376 posts) -

I... I mean I don't... Uh... That was awesome, right? I think that was awesome.... Pretty sure...

#74 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -
@somejerk: You're welcome fellow duder.
#75 Posted by Kratos919 (17 posts) -

the trailer looks promising..hope this game will be a good way to learn your 
asian mythology...

#76 Posted by Sharpshooter (911 posts) -

Dude done fucked up his arms.

#77 Posted by mutha3 (5041 posts) -

man can't people just say "shit is bananas" does it HAVE to be "shit is japanese"

#78 Posted by HermanMarte (32 posts) -

the world needs more bat-shit-crazy games like this

#79 Posted by elko84 (1321 posts) -


#80 Posted by Minos (168 posts) -

WOW.... !!! At last something different!!! It felt fresh!!! Why does everything innovative have to come from JAPAN.... This side of the pond is just First-person shooters and Arcade classics.

#81 Posted by Blair (2570 posts) -

C-razy.  Sign me up.

#82 Posted by zityz (2366 posts) -
@alex said:
Because cyber Goro just didn't have enough arms to deal with that finger!
#83 Posted by RazielCuts (3238 posts) -
@MisuseOfLasers: If GB had a voting system this would get a mighty big thumbs up! 
#84 Posted by Julmust (1634 posts) -

This looked better than Dragon's Dogma. I'll keep an eye on this for sure.

#85 Posted by Deeveeus (486 posts) -
@alex said:
hahahaaha amazing!
#86 Posted by Truckalicious (104 posts) -

The louder you shout, the harder you can punch stuff.   FACT.

#87 Posted by BooDoug187 (428 posts) -
@truckalicious said:
" The louder you shout, the harder you can punch stuff.   FACT. "
Thats been the rule of anime and kung-fu movies, gotta be fact!
#88 Posted by Klaimore (1001 posts) -

That was amazing I want more!

#89 Posted by blacklab (1902 posts) -

Jesus everloving Christ, that looks great. If that was gameplay, sign me up. 

#90 Posted by MarkM (362 posts) -

That guy was about to poke the Earth hard.

#91 Posted by whacknasty (100 posts) -

Whoa...I'm in awe...sort of like the first time I ever saw clips from Akira... : )

#92 Posted by DukesT3 (2086 posts) -


#93 Posted by Daftasabat (533 posts) -

Don't they know it's rude to point?

#94 Posted by heatDrive88 (2733 posts) -

I'm sorry hold on just a minute there, but WHAT?    

#95 Posted by RedRoach (1397 posts) -
@BooDoug187 said:
" @truckalicious said:
" The louder you shout, the harder you can punch stuff.   FACT. "
Thats been the rule of anime and kung-fu movies, gotta be fact! "
Well when you breathe out, your punches are stronger, that is fact. Yelling does a pretty good job of letting out air if you ask me.
#96 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

Thank god, I'm glad to hear that Capcom is doing new shit for once. I'm hoping these games won't bomb. Also, that giant dude should have used his whole hand, the small guy would have been screwed.

#97 Edited by smitty86 (707 posts) -

If this turned out to be some type of crazy action filled Shadow of the Colossus, they can have my money now.

If it is just Capcom's own version of God of War.....then I'll wait it out

#98 Posted by DarkTravesty (333 posts) -

that trailer is god awful.

#99 Posted by Althox (320 posts) -

Arm up for the coming of Asura!

#100 Posted by ptys (2105 posts) -

Okay, I watched it?..

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