E3 2011: Asura's Wrath Trailer

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Looks fucking crazy

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Hype building

#5 Posted by Zeemod (295 posts) -

Akuma's brother?

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I'm looking forward to this, it reminds me of something Clover/Platinum Games would make.

#7 Posted by rmanthorp (4367 posts) -

Looks better than the DmC shite!

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I really dig the art style, but other than that, all that I've seen from the game so far hasn't gotten me interested one bit...

#9 Posted by endaround (2258 posts) -

Kratos thinks this guy has anger issues

#10 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Sadly... the gameplay they showed here is... not much.  I want to see some of the banana-ness in-game!

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"Who do you think YOU ARE?!" Totally cliche anime phrase.

#12 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

I hope he can attack while he is cut in half... that would be awesome.

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I find this game interesting enough to see how it turns out, just wish for more actual gameplay videos.
Not diggin the english voice acting tho, also wondering how the original sounds.

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Is this supposed to be like another Darksider game

#15 Posted by kollay (2018 posts) -

Sounds like the same dude who voiced Nier.

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I will never not call this game God Hands of War.  
Digging the look, will likely play the game in Japanese with subtitles if available.

#17 Posted by teh_destroyer (3691 posts) -

I can make rage die.

#18 Posted by Jeffsekai (7156 posts) -

Yes please.

#19 Posted by Thordain (980 posts) -

It's always nice when interns make headers because then I can expect more pokemon lines. 

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@kollay said:

Sounds like the same dude who voiced Nier.

His name is Liam O'brien, he played War in Darksiders too.  No surprise he's done a lot of anime work same as Steve Blum, he's really good at being the "emotionally broken" hero/anti hero, does a lot of sighing and moaning lol.
#21 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -

Yes. just yes.

The gameplay.


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Liam O'Brien and what sounds like Robin Atkin Downes? I'm already liking the voice talent they've hired.

#23 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Uh want!

#24 Posted by Wandrecanada (563 posts) -

God of War: Japan?

#25 Posted by Myomoto (300 posts) -

Hm. I liked the Japanese voice over better :<

#26 Posted by Tesla (2057 posts) -

I've been a believer ever since the first trailer months ago, but this game looks better and better every time I see it.

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I think that dude's not really having a very good day.

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Mash A to headbutt

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#30 Posted by Brodehouse (10797 posts) -
@Abyssfull: I'm almost positive that's DC Douglas.
#31 Posted by Yummylee (24065 posts) -
@Brodehouse said:
@Abyssfull: I'm almost positive that's DC Douglas.
...I can definitely hear him in there. It was that emphasized after-breath (pretty sure that's even an actual term, but it's the closest way I could think to describe it) after every last word of every line that had me assume it was Downes. So used to hearing D.C Douglas with his deeper Wesker voice that it was difficult to imagine him with any other style of voice.
#32 Posted by RVonE (4851 posts) -

I hope the no-arms-headbutting mechanic is good.

#33 Posted by Brodehouse (10797 posts) -
@Abyssfull: Yeah, on some of his more angry lines he sounds like a higher pitched Wesker.  I've seen DC Douglas shift from his normal speaking voice to Wesker and Wesker is way, way quieter, I guess in order for him to fry his vocal cords and get rumbly sounding.
#34 Posted by kishinfoulux (2983 posts) -

I'm interested in this but have the feeling it will end up disappointing. Always nice to see new IP's though.

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Typing this before I watch the trailer.

Ima guess the first trailer is still better.

Edit: It was actually still really interesting. Hmm story seems weirdly different, in a good way.

#36 Posted by JackSukeru (6300 posts) -

Look ma', no hands!

#37 Posted by cowdrunk (248 posts) -

now with slightly less enthusiastic english voice acting
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He'll be alright. It's only a flesh wound.

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I like everything I see so far but if this game doesn't let me switch to Japanese VO I don't think I'll buy this game.

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God of War meets Okami?

#42 Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray (975 posts) -

Hey, lovely; a japanese version of Soul Reaver; a plain swap of mythology from western to eastern, and you've got yourself a brand new title.

To be fair; it does look over the top crazy; and I really, really enjoy all the rage steaming from the main character. Too often do we get a "cool" stereotypical protagonist whose emotions all stem from the same palette of a goody-two-shoes with an attitude thrown in, just because.

Now, this guy... He's fucking pissed! And rather than say, the collected, calculated brutality of Kratos, he really does seem mentally unstable in his agression. Me likes. Though it seems japanese voice-overs is a must.

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Oh my god, this looks so cool!  I can see the Roger Zelazny influence, big time!  Great science fiction/fantasy writer, wrote lots of stories about godlings who rise from banishment or even death to shake the self-satisfied angels from the heavens.  Anybody who likes sci-fi/fantasy, take a look at LORD OF LIGHT or the Amber series.

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Bad-guy sounds like DA2's Varrick.

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One thing I really want to know about this game is how the interactive cinematics they've been talking about work.  Supposedly, it's a lot more controllable than QTE.  Whatever the case, hope it plays as great as it looks.

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Still pretty interested in this, just based on the weird premise alone

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Did I see a buddha statue dual-wielding chain guns in there?

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Finally, a hack-n'-slash without the hack-n'-slash!

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Is the game going to be anime?

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Rage never dies could be a tagline for RAGE too.

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