episode 18, the real ending.

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So never seen a game do this . I need to beat 50 more episodes or S rank 5 episodes to play the real end for 18? Any tips on a fast track? like the easiest episodeto beat/shortest so i can just replay it 50 times or the eassies ones to S rank? And i wonder is the first 18 episodes count towards the 50 episodes? Any expanded info would be helpfull thx!

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Just go through the chapters on easy and do the jump kick into the move that knocks enemies into the air as it gives you a lot of battle points. The thing that often stops you from getting the S rank is the BP as the sync and the time are easy to get if you play on easy. It also counts S ranks from all difficulties so you could have 1 on normal and 4 on easy and it would still unlock.

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I played through on easy and got the 5 s ranks while normally playing through the game.

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Just play on easy and skip every cutscene. It might be a bit tedious, bit it makes going through the game pretty quick.

Or you could just look it up on youtube, it's really just another minute added to the normal ending.

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