Is anyone going to buy this game because of Giant Bomb?

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#1 Posted by BonOrbitz (2463 posts) -

After listening to the latest Bombcast where Patrick was discussing the game, I'm considering picking it up. The Quick Look was pretty entertaining, but Brad and Patrick's rants about the game's over-the-topness is what's really selling me on it. I can't justify paying $60 for it because if I bought every game I wanted for that price I'd be sleeping in the alley in a makeshift fort made of game cases. Some releases are just more important to me and although I'm not one to always consider price vs. quantity of content, when it comes to sixty dollar games I'm a bit more analytical of that.

This isn't the first time Giant Bomb has sold me on a game I couldn't care less for at it's release (I shudder at the thought of never having experienced Saints Row The Third) and wonder if anyone here on the forums picked up Asura's Wrath because of them. What would you be willing to pay for it? When it gets down to $20-$30 I'll pick it up. I guess I could rent it if I found it, but Red Box doesn't carry it and I'm not joining GameFly.

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#2 Posted by Kidavenger (4121 posts) -

I'm intending to, but I'm also waiting till it hits $30.

I find more often than not any game I buy based on the hype usually lets me down though, Saints Row: The Third and Bayonetta didn't catch me the way I would have expected based on the bombcast ravings at the time.

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#3 Posted by pw2566ch (499 posts) -

I'm not speaking for the entirety of Giant Bomb, but it seems like a lot of people are done with Capcom because of how they treat DLC and honestly, I don't blame them.

For me, I think I'll wait till they do some Ultimate Edition that has every DLC included in the game.

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#4 Posted by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

I am contemplating it.

It doesnt look like a great game. It just looks COMPLETELY mad, and i can put money behind madness.

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#5 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

Nope. I'm actually not buying it because of the ending-as-DLC thing.

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#6 Posted by bibamatt (1129 posts) -

I received it from Lovefilm (the UK's version of Gamefly) last week. Was pretty hyped to play it after hearing the Bombers rave about it! It hasn't hit me with it's brilliance yet. Although, after last week's podcast, I know that I should wait until at least the third act until I pass judgement.

At the least, the design of the game (characters/world etc) are fucking bananas and really fantastic. Did you play the demo?

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#7 Posted by nohthink (1369 posts) -

@bonorbitz: i'll probably buy it when the price drops

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#8 Posted by artgarcrunkle (988 posts) -

Maybe if I don't forget it exists by the time it' $20 bucks but probably not because of the nefarious DLC thing.

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#9 Posted by BonOrbitz (2463 posts) -

@bibamatt said:

I received it from Lovefilm (the UK's version of Gamefly) last week. Was pretty hyped to play it after hearing the Bombers rave about it! It hasn't hit me with it's brilliance yet. Although, after last week's podcast, I know that I should wait until at least the third act until I pass judgement.

At the least, the design of the game (characters/world etc) are fucking bananas and really fantastic. Did you play the demo?

Nope, I haven't played the demo but I have it on my system. I'll definitely be checking it out tonight when I get home because I first heard Patrick and Brad's discussion during my drive into work this morning and it shot up my desire to play this immensely. I LOVE it when things are fucking bananas.

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#10 Posted by killacam (1341 posts) -

i was drawn to it's dragon-ball-z-times-1000 premise, and brad's review just made me more sure i'd enjoy it. won't spend $60 for it though.

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#11 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

@bonorbitz said:

The Quick Look was pretty entertaining, but Brad and Patrick's rants about the game's over-the-topness is what's really selling me on it.


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#12 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

No, but I would certainly rent it if I could find it anywhere.

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#13 Posted by probablytuna (4822 posts) -

I may purchase this when it's cheaper.

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#14 Posted by Catolf (2791 posts) -

It's damn 30$ bucks anymore.. why does everyone keep saying $60? I got mine for $45 like two months ago, no doubt it's lower.. Also, no, i did not get this because of Giantbomb. But I did get this because of Bon and Tiwi. HUG OF DEATH

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#15 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I already bought it because of Giant Bomb. As a game, it's not great but as an experience, Asura's Wrath is top-notch.

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#16 Posted by Zero_ (2039 posts) -

Yeah, I'm gonna rent it from an online store and smash it out in the 14 days I get it for t for $15AUD.

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#17 Posted by Shivoa (1495 posts) -

If it comes for cheap in a GotY box so I can get the entire game for one fixed payment (down the line when it doesn't have that new shine and the 'day 1' price premium) then the coverage has put it on my radar.

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#18 Posted by Sayishere (1854 posts) -

I have bought it, just because theres nothing else i really want to play right now. And yes, Giantbomb helped in the descision making process.

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#19 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

i think i'll gamefly it.

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#20 Posted by AdzPearson (249 posts) -

Yeah, I'll probably pick it up when it goes down to about £10 (also when I don't have a million other games to play). I'm usually into anything that has an OTT storyline, so I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

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#21 Posted by DeF (5351 posts) -

I might rent it or get it once it hits the ten bucks price area 9months from now

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#22 Posted by the_great_skenardo (120 posts) -

Rented it. Played it. It was pretty fun!

Returned the rental. Boom.

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#23 Posted by ds8k (431 posts) -

I'm going to pick it up because of the demo. The Giant Bomb talks about it only cement my decision.

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#24 Edited by efman (217 posts) -

I'm really chomping at the bit of getting this game because of the love. If there's one thing game-coverage is all about, it would be to get introduced to, or pointed towards, games we'd never ever even consider playing, so this one I feel like I have to play. I hope it gets available digitally on either PSN or Live at some point down the line as it gets cheaper. Also, it doesn't hurt that it has that huge-scale scope, much like the God Of War games, to which I respond.

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#25 Posted by Daiphyer (1470 posts) -

I almost wanted to give it a try until Patrick said: "At one point in that game I was fist pumping!"

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#26 Posted by M_Shini (567 posts) -

If i find it on some crazy deal a year or 3 later for £10 properly. I wanna play it but im not too bovered about it either way.

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#27 Posted by Gargantuan (1903 posts) -

Maybe when it the price is about 200 SEK.

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#28 Posted by Murtaug (350 posts) -

I actually went looking for it after work yesterday. Could not find it, so I ended up buying a 3DS and five games, that was a weird compromise.

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#29 Edited by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

The price of this game will drop like a rock, I would advise waiting.

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#30 Posted by Soapy86 (2738 posts) -

I'll wait for a version with the real ending on the disk.

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#31 Posted by moky01 (10 posts) -

I just like the sound of button mashing QTE's! I am also torn wether to pay full price! i really really want to!

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#32 Posted by Enigma777 (6283 posts) -

I'll definitely pick it up... When it's cheaper...

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#33 Posted by DeiNile (120 posts) -

I bought Saints Row: The Third because of Jeff raging on and on about it. Boy, was that a mistake. I have not even finished it.

In other words: No.

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#34 Posted by TeflonBilly (4742 posts) -


*straightens monocle*

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#35 Posted by Hector (3547 posts) -

Nope. I played the demo and didn't enjoy at all.

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#36 Posted by Gatehouse (931 posts) -

I rented it solely on the Bombsquad's remarks and, while I completely see where there coming from, I'm really glad I only did that. Not that it's bad, but more that I just didn't get it quite how they did.

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#37 Edited by Rek503 (138 posts) -

Brad sold me a copy of this game. I'm going to wait until it's cheaper though.

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#38 Posted by sub_o (957 posts) -

I am getting it as soon as the price drops. Not only bombcast, but also Weekend Confirmed, 8-4 play, Totally Rad Show, Eurogamer, etc, have been talking positively about it.

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#39 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -


... because I was sold on it the instant I saw the trailer of a buddah figure poking a planet :D

... which I think it the first trailer to sell me on a game since the TGS 2008 Bayonetta trailer :)

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#40 Posted by ajamafalous (13312 posts) -

Yeah, but not until it's about $15-20. 

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#41 Posted by Cheesebob (1303 posts) -

When I buy it, it will be because of Giant Bomb

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#42 Posted by CoinMatze (541 posts) -

I would buy it right now at 50€ but my wife just gave me a big stack of games for my birthday. I can't justify a full-priced game without having played through at least half of them.

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#43 Posted by Robo (884 posts) -

No. I'm not spending $60 for quick time events. What amounts to the video game version of some over the top anime.

There are far too many great games floating around worthy of my money. And most of them from publishers who won't try to sell me the real ending later.

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#44 Posted by fox01313 (5186 posts) -

After hearing more about it I'll definitely get it through gamefly & feel much better playing it than buying it when it came out with it being so short. By then the DLC should all be out & can figure out what to do about that when it arrives.

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#45 Posted by Zacagawea (1678 posts) -

Fuck yeah!

When it's twenty bucks

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#46 Posted by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

Went out and bought it after the podcast. Still not convinced its a game, but my god is it a fantastic experience.

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#47 Posted by MEATBALL (4231 posts) -

Not until I can pick it up for around $30 AUD, locally stores are all asking for $80-100 for it, and it seems the best I can do on import is about $50. I just don't really feel that comfortable paying that much for it when I didn't really enjoy the demo that much (not because of the QTEs so much as the gameplay between them).

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#48 Edited by StarvingGamer (11304 posts) -

It's $43.50 for PS3 on Amazon right now. I think it just might be time for me to snag it.

EDIT: But on topic, I was already planning on buying this game after a price-drop, but GB's coverage made me want to get the game sooner rather than later. Although now that I think about it I may just wait for all the DLC to be out first then try to find the best deal.

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#49 Posted by jakob187 (22916 posts) -

I keep trying to snipe a cheap copy of it from eBay or I want to try and go sub-$30 on it, but if I have to, I'll grab a copy for $40 on

Also, if you fuckers go buy those and then I can't get it, I will quit life.

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#50 Posted by wh1terav3n (622 posts) -

I'll either buy it when its cheap now, or something. I do want to play it now, which is more than I could say before I heard the discussion.

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