Just beat the game with true ending DLC...

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Holy shit were those last 4 episodes something else!! They cranked up the combat and QTEs to an insane level and surpassed everything in the game by a mile.

I've played some good DLC in my day, but I think this is the best piece of post release content I've played. It does suck that it is the true ending of the game and not everyone gets to experience it, but if you were on the fence about buying the game or getting the true ending, I'd say it's definitely worth it.

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It's been ages since I completed the regular game, and I can't remember for shit what happened at the end. Is the DLC extra confusing going back to after such a while you think?

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@linkster7: Just go back and enjoy it, they explain it all before play it

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@linkster7: If you are like me, you'll screw up the first few battles before you remember how the combat works, and in any case the final boss is something you need to figure out through trial and error.

I was AMAZED at their use of the UI conventions for the final battle, that was some 4th wall shit.

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It certainly was one of the best DLCs I've played and had some of the best boss fights in any game ever. The stuff with Yasha was amazing and the ending boss was essentially an homage to the final fight in the Gurren Lagann movie and that's fantastic.


Hmm, the site wont let me insert the video.

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@nightriff: @hawkinson76: I guess I have yet another thing I want to buy this month then. If my wallet will allow it that is...

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I too just finished the true ending a couple of days ago after putting it off for a while.

HOLY FUCK this game was amazing.

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@bigjeffrey: That DLC made the game a GotY contender. So fucking awesome.

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@bigjeffrey: It's true. Right behind Mass Effect 3 for my game of the year.

It was fun, the art was gorgeous, the music had soul, and it just gets so fucking nuts. I wanna play their other games but... but they're Naruto.

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@tobbrobb said:

@bigjeffrey: That DLC made the game a GotY contender. So fucking awesome.

I thought the whole game was fantastic, but this DLC just Dialed it all the way up.


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