Morally bankrupt DLC. Asura's Wrath real ending for $7

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Yeah necro! I was just thinking about this too. I thought the original game was long enough, had a rad conclusion, and didn't leave me feeling like there were any loose ends. They didn't charge for the ending, they expanded upon it. It was an awesome extra hour of story content that took place after the main game and left the universe in a different state. I'm totally fine with that. The only thing I take issue with is their inclusion of the secret ending. It basically acts like a trailer for the dlc. That's the only hint that their was anything left incomplete in the entire package. I mean I agree charging for an ending would be total bullshit, and I also criticized Mass Effect 3 for holding back some of the most meaningful content behind a day one paywall. This was not a case of either of those things.

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@hatking: I'm not going to start an argument, but I'd also like to mention that Media Storage like Flash Drives and CDs/DVDs don't exactly match what available space is labeled.

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I always want to talk more about Asura's Wrath.

The game ended fairly well with a huge climax. If that was it, then I would've been perfectly satisfied. Hell, I kept thinking the game would end right before the last boss fight with the way some people talked about it. I liked it and felt good.

It's when you jump through some hoops to unlock the hidden ending that it leaves something open. If it was some throwaway DLC this would've made me sad. But it was amazing and well worth the $7 (and if you unlocked the hidden thing then hopefully you're a fan at that point). Sizable with some truly incredible, memorable stuff. I'd take an optional DLC expansion over a cliffhanger that never gets resolved if we don't get a sequel. Looking at you, Advent Rising.

Closest comparison I can think of is Halo 3. Has a heck of an ending. The game finished well. And then there's that 5 seconds in the post-credits scene that changes my entire perspective on the conclusion. It's an interesting way of ending... but leaving it open for more. Kind of get the best of both worlds with a tiny tease like that.

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I think it's unfair to say the ME3 one is because of fan reactions. It's too early to tell for sure, but I'm almost positive they were planning that well before the game was released. I would also argue that ME3 also ends on a cliffhanger, but that's a discussion for another thread.

Either way, this is a terrible practice, and the fact that it's happening to two games within a relatively short period of time (one of which is one of the biggest releases of the year) is unsettling.

it seems unlikely that they were planning to change stuff that was already in the game. Like the ship crashing or whatnot.

Also the true ending as DLC in asuras wrath is p bullshit but ohoh it was fucking great and worth the entry fee.

e: oh wait this thread is from like 20 years ago. Oh well.

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