The True Ending?

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so yeah, I just finished the True Ending DLC and Ive done the .5 episodes too.

I thought it was really great. They somehow managed to make it even crazier and the end was pretty emotional for a game as batshit insane as this. I thought the .5 episodes had cool art styles and the interludes gave some insight into the universe.

Now, when the credits rolled I was like "well, thats over then!" but the final interlude is even more insane!

To Be Continued... I cant wait for Asuras Wrath 2 or whatever it will be.


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Nice, glad it's not just a throwaway. Downloading now!

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Man that was a great 4 episodes. totally worth the price of admission

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Any word on when we get to fuck up Ryu?

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It was amazing. I can't believe they topped themselves even more.

And yeah, the final interlude was pretty hilarious, but I doubt it'll segue into a sequel.

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Just finished it about an hour ago. Amazing ending to an amazing game. I'm really glad CC2 made this game.

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Just got done with it myself. Wow, man. Wow. The scale, the music, the emotional freakin' climaxes... it was amazing. Fucking incredible. And that "extend hand" gag was hilarious.


that was a God battle to end all God battles. Sorry, Bayonetta.

Also, I grow tired of your face.

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@TentPole said:

Any word on when we get to fuck up Ryu?

I believe Ryu is May 8th, but I'm mostly looking forward to Akuma on the 15th.

#9 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (419 posts) -

Just finished this myself, and I have to say that the ending was just incredible. Also I pray to god that the last interlude is canon.

#10 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

I am begging for a spoilercast/retrospective about Asura's Wrath AND it's mindblowing DLC from Brad, Vinny and Ryan seeing as how the inexplicably fell in love with this games ludicrousness. Hell, have Jeff pound in the 7-8 hourse of non-stop insanity of the game so he can join in.

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