What were his most badass moments?

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I played the demo and holy christ this guy is a friggin demon, and here I thought Kratos was tough. Being as I only played the demo I'm wondering what where his most badass moments in the game?

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Press A to Stand Up

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Well honestly the moments in the demo rank among them. Although the ending was really great too. You should check out some of the playthroughs that people have done on YouTube, as they're even better in context.

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Or better yet you could just play the game.

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Just finished chapter 12, and so far the coolest thing has been him essentially turning into one of the tailed beasts from Naruto.

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@TentPole: Why would it be better to pay $60 for 6-10 hours of mostly QTE's?

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@artgarcrunkle said:

@TentPole: Why would it be better to pay $60 for 6-10 hours of mostly QTE's?

Cause you're supporting the game. Also, how much would you be paying for movies or a boxset of something worth that much time?

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@Shirogane: Really love the gaming community. Derpadoo rationalizing opting into a poor value proposition continuing a cycle of being ripped off by saying I'm supporting a game/developers. Capcom will go under if I don't buy Asura's Wrath at $60 bucks.

And all Tyler Perry's movies on DVD are $6 at Best Buy right now. Clearly other media is more cost effective.

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@artgarcrunkle: It's more of supporting the game itself, cause if nobody buys it, they'll just go back to making their Naruto games, instead of trying new stuffs, which is actually pretty good.

Also, i've never heard of Tyler Perry D=

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@Shirogane: Nope. They'll crank out Naruto games regardless of how their other games do because the Naruto ip is probably crazy lucrative.

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@artgarcrunkle: Yeah, those games are also decent, but the point is that if they try something different, and people decide not to buy it, no matter how good it is, they'll stop trying.

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The moments from the demo are indeed pretty good- but the moment that stuck to my mind most clearly...


1. The ending of the boss fight against Magus:
After Magus' sword grows to stake Asura to the ground and literally pierce through the planet to DESTROY AUSTRALIA (Literally!), Asura generates enough rage/strength/wrath to break Magus' sword- simultaneously freeing himself and staggering Magus. He then grabs the sword at its hilt with his mouth and almost cuts Magus in half with the remaining blade- promptly ending the fight.

Off-topic yet on-topic at the same time though, one other non-Asura related moment that I really remember:


Double warning here- this is a spoiler regarding the TRUE ENDING. Open at your own risk... >_>

The Way Olga dies.
The game seems to go out of its way to make Olga look like the weakest of all the demigods- and most annoying too. Asura doesn't get to kill her though- it is the GOLDEN SPIDER that gets the honor of killing the useless tool off. A fitting end for such a useless character who's only powers were 'calling in reinforcements,' being pompous, and being useless.

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