clumsyninja1's Asura's Wrath (Xbox 360) review

Asura's wrath is DBZ on crack

I was deeply impressed how this game turn out to be. After i played the demo, I wasn't sure but this game is amazing. If you like anime, it has the same structure that a Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin or Fist of the North star has. The episodes are cut like anime ones: the ending teasers, intros, etc. The music is amazing, i was shocked by this; my favorite is the one where you fight your master. Also, there's a lot of unlockables. I wish DB games were likes this, may be their fighting system would be so repetitive.

Anyway, there's lot of QTE's; didn't mind them actually. Like them a lot of better than FF 13-2. The game also gives the option to play in English or Japanese,THE BEST IS IN JAPANESE, TRUST ME.

In the end I felt this game is truly amazing, hopefully we see more of this types of games coming for japan. They need it.

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Posted by Sammo21

This is a blog post not a review :(

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