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Oh, Asura you so angry!

Asura's Wrath reviewed by Doc D Strange

When I first heard about this game I believe it was Capcom's Captivate in Florida. the first footage I saw was this world size Buddha looking guy jamming his finger into the earth's atmosphere to crush this character with six arm's and I was like DAMN.... I have to check out this crazy ass game. Welcome to Asura's Wrath MBG style!


He must workout.
He must workout.

Minor spoilers ahead. The earth is being plagued by these crazy creatures call Gohma which look like regular animals (monkeys, giant turtles and elephants) but with they're skin inside out. On the other side you have these demigods that are trying to stop the Gohma and reclaim earth and in the middle are just regular ass humans trying to please the god's and survive. You play as Asura one of the eight deities of Gaea (earth) who's got a really bad temper even before shit goes really bad for him. The eight deities and an ungodly amount of spaceships decide to take on the Gohma head first but there attempts are useless. In comes Mithra, Asura's daughter. Mithra has a very useful power that she can make the demigods stronger to help them fight against the Gohma. The gods suppress the Gohma but can't destroy them. The emperor asks to see Asura to thank him for suppressing the Gohma but when Asura gets there the emperor is dead and Asura is blamed for killing him. The seven other deities decide to take vengeance and they're leader Lord Deus kills Asura also killing his wife Durga and kidnaps Mithra. Ya he's a real dick! Well Asura isn't gonna just lay down and stay dead he comes back from the afterlife to take out the seven demigods and get Mithra back. Oh ya Asura's really pissed about what happened...just saying.

Asura's Wrath is a mix between a poor man's God Of War with quick time events all the fucking time. Near the end of the game you are doing like 30 something quick time button presses, its pretty cool. The game kinda rolls out like a television show, well more like an anime. At the end of each chapter there's a next on Asura's Wrath and when each chapter starts there's a credits reel, its super cool to me because not alot of games do this shit. The gameplay is nothing special but its all the other little thing that make Asura's Wrath a great game to see till the end.


Combat really isn't the reason to play this game.
Combat really isn't the reason to play this game.

One word.....Unreal Engine. Asura's Wrath graphic's can be deceiving cause characters look amazing and the scope of the battles are jaw dropping in the holy shit way but some of the backgrounds are flat and nothing going on. Its not a big gripe cause I didn't come to this game for fantastic graphics I came for the crazy. The interlude story parts have great art from some well known anime artist and makes me wish I had some of the art as my Xbox theme for the dashboard.

When Asura's Wrath comes to sound department just think of all the anime voice actors you recognize and there's the voice cast. The music is really good, old time Japanese music sets the mood while your raging it up and punching dude's in the face. The sounds of the fighting are good aswell.


Leaderboards and that's about it. This game wasn't designed for multiplayer and I really wouldn't know what Cyber Connect2 could do to make an online mode. Maybe a competitive fighting game? I'd play that!

Is this game any fun


The only reason this game kinda caught my eye was how ridiculous all the footage I saw for it was. Here a scenario for you there's a part in the game where your in this epic fight with one of the demigods on the fucking MOON! The demigod has this samurai sword that he pierces into Asura then out of know where the sword elongates pushing Asura from the moon into the earth. Its down right crazy shit! If this seems interesting to you definitely check this somewhat amazing game out.

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Hey! Its Vinny (not really).
Hey! Its Vinny (not really).

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