kidavenger's Asura's Wrath (PlayStation 3) review

This game is special in a good way

I'm really conflicted on this one, I really liked it, but mostly because of how unusual it was, not because it was a great game; in fact if this had been a dbz or some other anime licensed game I probably would have hated it, but it wasn't and I enjoyed it for it's great characters and constant over the top madness.

Bad on Capcom for locking an integral portion of the game behind DLC, that's some real shameful shit right there and it's great content that should be played by everyone that plays this game.


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    Here is a review that was originally posted at Gaijin Densetsu. Over at Gaijin Densetsu, we focus on Japanese developed games, news and culture. If you enjoyed this review, please visit our website!Happy 2013 and welcome to the inaugural post here on Gaijin Densetsu. I thought long and hard about what game to write about for my first post and after much hemming and hawing, as well as no small amount of procrastination, I decided on Asura's Wrath. I finally settled on this title because it repres...

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    Wow… What the hell did I just finish playing! I’m not saying that in a bad way, but more in the vein of the stuff that happens in this game, it’s crazy, it’s mental and it’s INSANE! Asura’s Wrath is an epic adventure, it’s a game that’s more of an experience, and it’s done in such a unique way that it’s not like any other videogame I have ever played. This is both a good and a bad thing, and at the same time limits the audience to a selected few who will understand what this game is trying to ac...

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