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Doesn't seem like anyone has heard of this, it didn't have a page either, but it looks like it could be a very cool game. It is being made by the newly founded studio Senscape, which was started up by one of the main developers behind Scratches, Agustin Cordes. If you've played Scratches, you probably have an idea of what game Asylum is going to be, but if you haven't it could best be described as an story-driven adventure game, with horror elements. The game is taking place in this old Asylum, as the name describes, and it all is only taking place in one night. The developers has also been out to claim, that this is probably one of the largest places to explore, in this kind of game.  
I am personally pretty stoked about this, since it could be the next Amnesia, which is only a good thing. You can watch the debut trailer for the game right here, which is also the official website for the game, which has some more information about the premise and the Asylum. It is statet to be out this year for the PC, and I am pretty excited to see how it's going to be.  
So please, share your thoughts, and if you already know about it, please say so, since I'm pretty interested to see how many know of it. 

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scary ass fucking games

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" scary ass fucking games "
We love them and hate them at the same time :P
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I remember playing Scratches... It was really well done, and I think the simplicity of the graphics kind of added to the horror. It had a very specific atmosphere of uneasiness, especially the part where you go into that tribal room with all of the masks, and you kind of just expect something to happen at any moment... it was pretty tense.

Now, I just watched the trailer for Asylum, and while it was all pre-rendered, it definitely had a good creepy tone to it.

If the final game has anything approaching that kind of tone, I'd definitely be interested.

Another interesting thing I noticed, despite you mentioning that he changed studios... towards the end of the trailer, there's a copyright listed for Scratches. It says 2006, which is what caught my eye in the first place, but is it possible that this is a direct sequel?

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Ah, yes. I remember that room too, scary shit. Well, I think that's because Agustin Chordes owns the rights to Scratches, and as far as I know the two games have nothing in common when it comes to story. You could maybe see it as a spiritual successor, taking the ideas and gameplay mechanics of Scratches further and building upon them.

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