Atari Lynx Recommendations ;)

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Hey GiantBombers, i just recently purchased an Atari Lynx ( for $ 125 Australian dollars) and just wondering if you guys could recommend a few decent games for the system :)
Hmm it came with quite a few games so ill list them.
-DRACULA: The Undead
and Joust

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I had a Lynx, many moons ago. I am not going to be much help to you though, as the only game I can remember playing on the thing is one you already have, Dracula: the undead which I have fond memories of. It was a spooky adventure game with great atmosphere. So I recommend you give that a play.  
I believe there was a bombcast where Jeff talked about his memories of the Lynx, so maybe go back and try to find that, he may have made some recommendations. 
Have fun with it! I wish I could remember what happened to mine -  looking at the dracula page has bought on a nostalgia attack and I want to go back and check it out again. 

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Hey there I had a Lynx ages ago. A game you should get if you can find it is 'California Games'...that was my fav on the system.
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Roadblasters is a pretty nice arcade conversion
Xenophobe (probably the best version of the game, different from arcade)
California Games (the old pack in, my fav version of Cali games, lots of fun)
Blue Lightning is shit hot (Afterburner clone)
PS oh shit this thread is a month old, oh well.

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@Diamond:@Prometheus147: The thread is old but thankyou for the recommendations guys ;)

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