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In the Last Remnant, Athlum lies on the southeast border of Celepaleis, its sovereign state, and is commonly regarded as the latter's first line of defense in times of war. Like all major cities featured in the game, the centerpiece of the city is a massive Remnant. In the case of Athlum, that Remnant is the Valeria Heart, a huge sword set in the center of the Town Square. The Valeria Heart is said to govern courage.

The Valeria Heart
Athlum is ruled by the Marquis David Nassau, a nineteen year old who took office after the passing of his father. He is supported by the Four Generals of Athlum: Emma, Torgal, Pagus and Blocter, each with their own unique skills to assist in the management of the realm. The Marquis holds a fierce love for his home and constantly searches for a way to gain independence from the lord city of Celepaleis.

The city is divided into three sectors: Xiphos Way, the Town Square and Virtus Parish. Xiphos Way functions as a market for the city and provides four merchants that carry weapons, components and various healing items. The Town Square is home to several small shops and the Valeria Heart, as well as an army officer that allows the recruitment of Athlum's soldiers to serve in battle. Lastly, the streets of Virtus Parish hide a tavern and two different guilds.

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