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Atlas park is one of two zones that you can choose to start in as a new hero on the beat.  It's name is derived from Atlas, a World War II hero that gave his life to stop the Nazi invasion of Paragon City.  You’ll find City Hall in the middle of the zone surrounded by nicely kept up gardens.  Mrs. Liberty, one of the most famous hero trainers is based just outside of City Hall, and there are several contacts inside that will give you missions.  

Atlas Park is suitable for heroes between the levels of 1 and 6, but it’s not uncommon to find a very diverse group of heroes socializing under the statue of Atlas that sits at the footsteps of City Hall.  Because of the low level villains that inhabit the area, Atlas Park is generally considered a “safe zone” for most heroes.  More high level heroes meet here to socialize than perhaps anywhere else in Paragon City.

Badges and Plaques

At the time of this writing, the following exploration badges can be found in Atlas Park:

  • Freedom
    This flag was crafted from Statesman's cape and was donated to Paragon City to replace the flag destroyed by the invading Rikti. It now flies over Paragon City Hall to honor the sacrifice made by Hero 1 and the rest of Omega Team.
  • Hero Corps Insider
    Hero Corps may be controversial in their methods but they can have good information for aspiring heroes.
  • Patriot
    You have seen the statue of Cassiopeia, a Heroine recognized as a citizen of every country on Earth after she single-handedly saved the world from a rogue comet.
  • Silent Sentinel
    In the 1950's the hero called 'Gargoyle' would stand watch over the city from this spot.
  • Top Dog
    The top of Atlas' statue is the first place many flying heroes will go.
  • Undefeated
    Here is where one of the brave souls to take up the mantle of Scirocco stood against, and fell to, the Rikti invaders.

You will also find plaques that are part of the following badges:
  • Alumnus
  • Digger
  • Expert
  • Intellectual
  • Pupil
  • Student (there are 2 plaques towards this badge)


The highest level enemies you should find in Atlas Park will be level 6.  Although the majority of the baddies here are Hellions, you will also run across Clockwork and the occasional Vahzilok.  The area directly surrounding City Hall has the lowest level villains, generally around level 1-2.  The area on the north, and northeast end of the map contains the next level of villains, usually up to level 4.  The east and southeast parts of the map host villains up to level 5, sometimes 6.  The south part of the map, and the entire eastern part of the map has the highest level villains, generally averaging at least level 4-6.  Generally speaking, the later in the night it gets (Paragon time) the higher the level of villains you’ll find on the streets.

Getting Around

Atlas Park contains several ways to get to other zones.  The Yellow Line train will take you to Galaxy City, Kings Row, Steel Canyon, and Skyway City.  There are also direct entrances to:

  • Perez Park - NW end of map
  • The Sewer Network - South end of map, almost centered
  • Skyway City - South end of map, west of the Sewer Network entrance
  • The Hollows - East end of map, centered
  • Steel Canyon - North end of map, almost centered

There is also a base portal just behind City Hall, an Ouroboros beacon right across from the base portal, and an entrance to Recluse’s Victory just north of that.  There is also a Wentworth’s Consignments store on the NW corner of Hyperion Way (just NW of City Hall)


Although there are no trials for heroes at this early stage in their career, Atlas Park does have the entrance to the Abandoned Sewers Trial that is generally run by heroes levels 36-40

People of Interest

Task Force Contact

  • Mairenn MacGregor (Abandoned Sewers Trial)


  • Ms. Liberty

Regular Contacts

  • Antonio Nash
  • Azuria
  • City Representative
  • Detective Jose Brogan
  • Henry Peter Wong
  • Jonathan St. John Smythe
  • Laurence Mansfield
  • Rick Davies
  • Susan Davies
  • Sunstorm
  • Tony Kord

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