All Atlus Sale in the Amazon Game Gold Box Today

#2 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -

Too bad I already have everything I would want from Atlus... except Badass Rumble. But 27.99 still seems high for a PSP game.

#3 Posted by Marokai (2821 posts) -

Almost none of these actually seem like they're on sales. 3D Dot Game Heroes and Demon's Souls is the same price it's been for awhile now, Badass Rumble is still nearly 30 dollars, I just bought Trauma Team a few days ago before I knew about the sale and it was actually cheaper than that, Persona 4 was 20 dollars a few days ago when I checked and Persona 3 is like 2 dollars off. Not exactly a mindblowing showing here.

#4 Posted by Marz (5646 posts) -

bought demon soul's and 3d dot game heroes...  2 games for < 30$ is good in my book.

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