Atlus Picks Up Game of Thrones For Early Next Year

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#51 Posted by Colonel_Fury (453 posts) -

I'm not holding out hope for an awesome game. If it turns out to be good though, I would be very happy.

#52 Posted by BoneChompski (242 posts) -

@CrimsonClown said:

PLEASE be good.

Release a sequel to a critically panned game in a year? Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

#53 Edited by HatKing (6108 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

Why? WHY??? Why is the playable character in the adaptation of an awesome movie always a fictional NOBODY made up for the game? I wanna play as NEO in The Matrix, as FRODO (err) in LOTR games, as STARK in Game of Thrones, not some fucking unknown soldier.

And this is actually one of those rare IPs where direct adaptation could totally make sense. I could totally see a Dragon Age-esque action game that bounces between several of the Starks and other characters (exactly how the books and TV show does).

#54 Posted by HerbieBug (4208 posts) -

@Frostmane said:

Do we have to wait 5 years for a sequel?

It was a little over 6, and yeah, with the boatloads of cash Mr. Martin is making from the show and show related franchise spin offs, it'll be a good long while before a new book. As long as he doesn't pull another Robert Jordan I'm okay with it. George Martin deserves the money.

#55 Posted by CitizenJP (1050 posts) -


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@Enigma777 said:

After killing Jon, I no longer care for this franchise. Martin, you monster!

What books are you reading?


#57 Posted by Hugh_Jazz (368 posts) -

According to their website, it's being developed for "next-gen consoles". I'm intrigued, what are these things? Wii U?

#58 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Come on, people. Yeah yeah, the developer. But it's being published by Atlus, the company that brought us The Cursed Crusade. So of course it won't suck.

#59 Posted by Skittlenizzle (72 posts) -

Hoping this is good.

#60 Posted by SwedishPhish (19 posts) -

Hopefully there is a mission with detailed emphasis on how you're eating the food.

#61 Posted by JCGamer (671 posts) -

No, this won't be a rushed product.

#62 Posted by Marcsman (3286 posts) -

@Marcsman said: With Atlus I am very excited. But my dreams of the seven kingdoms united once again under Targaryen rule have been dashed. Hopefully one of the soldiers will be Ned Stark. If I cannot rule as a dragon , then the dire wolf is the next best thing. Why have they been dashed? /Spoiler start/ Daenerys is still alive and Aegon has already begun his conquest. /end of spoilers/ I know all that. But the article said you get to pick between two characters who were soldiers in Robert's rebellion. Certainly not a Targaryen. Plus you also missed one more Targaryen too.

#63 Posted by Citizengamer (183 posts) -

If the game's story is being written by Martin, color me mildly more interested.

#64 Posted by Sterling (2701 posts) -

Here is to hoping it turns out well. Really like the show, never read the books though.

#65 Edited by LevelRouter (41 posts) -

Would be cool if the developer wasn't cyanide. They also developed the game of thrones genesis game which was really, really bad. So they kind of dashed my hopes already.

Still hoping that CD projekt gets to develop something with game of thrones as source material. Bioware wouldn't be a bad choice either, even though their audiences faith in them has wavered a bit lately it would still be quite decent.

#66 Posted by WhoopAssRambo3 (45 posts) -

@Frostmane said:

Do we have to wait 5 years for a sequel?


Maybe Martin had to push back the release of "A Dance with Dragons" to complete the story for this (proably madiocre) hack-and-slasher.

#67 Edited by McFly (63 posts) -

@Hass said:


That's because nobody's doing RPGs anymore,

it's just merely a sticker on the box. A game got

stats, ah, surely must be a role playing game.

Dude, c'mon. Look at the games I listed: Dark Souls, Skyrim, Reckoning - all with classless, completely modular skill systems that let you create and roleplay as any kind of character you could possibly want.

It's comments like yours that make me wonder what kind of roleplaying game are RPG-fans even looking for anymore.

#68 Posted by tpundsack (12 posts) -

I keep trying to have high hopes for ASOIAF games. All I want to do is explore Westoros... is that too much to ask?

#69 Posted by Thelyfe (19 posts) -

Winter is coming

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