Aram Jabbari of Atlus USA leaving

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Atlus USA manager and PR man Aram Jabbari has sent emails to the press announcing his departure. You might know him from unboxing videos such as these:

Or from Giant Bomb videos such as these:

This might mean we won't have a Persona 4 Golden: Golden Edition unboxing, which dissapoints me greatly. He was probably the most known person over at Atlus USA, so it'll be interesting to see who they get as a new figurehead, if there ever is one.

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Haven't enjoyed an Atlus game yet but he seems like a good dude. Good luck to him.

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This is the guy that loves smelling the packaging, right? I too have that addiction.

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That's a shame. I thought he was a cool, nice guy.

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Wow, what a guy! He always makes appearances on Gameinformer's show Replay. He was a pretty funny guy!

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Daaaaaaaamn. He was a cool guy...

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That's too bad, I like this guy.

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He was a really cool PR guy. I'll miss him and wish him the best.

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@laserbolts said:
Haven't enjoyed an Atlus game yet 
what are you even doing 
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god why

my poor heart cant take this

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Good luck to him with whatever he does next.

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Last video of Aram Jabbari at Atlus:

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