Is it just me or does this game run like shit?

#1 Posted by pyromagnestir (4380 posts) -

My laptop is able to run Skyrim with settings on high, and every other game I throw at it with no problems, but the frame rate for me while trying to play this was like 3 frames a second, and there weren't any options to reduce visual quality or anything. Anyone else having similar problems?

#2 Posted by VierasTalo (1070 posts) -

I had no problems playing like 50+ hours of this during the last few months.

#3 Posted by pyromagnestir (4380 posts) -

So it maybe is just me then... That sucks. Are there any options I could tweak to maybe increase performance, because it was running so bad I couldn't even really check all that well. I wasn't even able to quit out, I had to alt tab out then close the window to get my computer to run normal again. No idea what was going on.

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