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Attumen the Huntsman, along with his horse, Midnight, are the first boss encounter in the raid instance Karazhan introduced in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. However, the pair are also an optional encounter, and killing them is not required to reach the dungeon's final boss. Attumen's horse Midnight resides in the stables of Karazhan; Attumen himself will appear and engage the raid when his horse reaches 95% health. After this, when either Attumen or Midnight reach 25% health, Attumen will mount Midnight, starting the final phase of the fight.


Shadow Cleave: Strikes up to three targets in range, inflicting Shadow damage.
Intangible Presence: Reduces the chance for all raid members to hit with spells and attacks by 50%. This is cast every 30 seconds.
Berserker Charge: Charges a random target, causing damage and briefly knocking the target down. Attumen can only use this ability after he has mounted Midnight.

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