n3onthr33's ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PlayStation 2) review

ATV Offroad Fury 4 Shoots for the Sky but Misses By a Few Inches.

It seems that somehow ATV games are a pretty big rage nowadays. Most being fairly good, MX Vs. ATV Unleashed, but some being terrible, ATV Quad Power Racing. Strange enough, no ATV game was ever great. Now let’s talk about what I should be talking about. ATV Offroad Fury, remember that game? You know, the one that came out within the first six months of the PS2’s run? Well now there is a fourth one. Yes, it still feels like the same basic game, but each game had minor improvements that were subtly visible.

The core of this game’s gameplay, Is really good. The high speed thrills, the high jumps, and the dirty feel. The turning and jumping system is all in-check. The trick system does seem a little weird being the same since ATV series. You’d think that the guys over at Climax would figure out how to redo a trick system. The trick combo system, in my opinion, is good, in how the score gets lower if you do the same trick over again. But there’s more to talk about than the game‘s core.

Graphically, this game does great. They are almost near-perfect for the PS2. Now, they aren’t really gawking good, but they are still really good. The graphics are really smooth, and help the game out in it‘s dirty feel. I know, at this moment your thinking I’m an ATVOF fan boy, but I’m not. I don’t even like racing games, but for some reason this game is to my liking.

It’s great that the game mixes up the games by letting you race in four different vehicles, which are the ATV, MX bike, buggy, and truck. Strangely, I prefer the MX bike because of it’s good turning and fast speeds. The ATV to me, seems a little too quick to control, but I guess other people may find it fun to drive. The buggy is okay, it doesn’t try anything extreme, or break a barrier of offroad racing, but it’s still good, in a clunky way. The truck is clunky, like a truck should be but, sadly I find no difference between the truck and buggy. I think they could have scrapped either the truck or buggy and the game would still be good.

Now the story mode is a total letdown. The cut scenes graphics are terrible, they look like stiff animations, which they are. The mouths don’t even move at the right time. Though, the story mode challenges are good, the actual story does nothing to benefit the game. It probably takes away from the experience of this great game.

The regular single player mode, is good. It’s the same recycled mode from the past ATV Offroad games.  But come on, racing is run. The game‘s way of winning is fun and actually makes you feel as if you‘ve accomplished something. And come on, it’s always fun to win trophies, right?

Well, as you can see I had a great time with this game. But I would recommend that you skip story mode and go straight to the regular single player mode. Though, if you do want to tackle the story mode, go for it. Or see if you really enjoy the single player mode, and then tackle the story mode. But in any way, this game is a great game. I would recommend this game to anyone, especially the racing game fans.


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